Yellowtec YT1000 VIP/digital Voice Processor
Yellowtec YT1000 VIP/digital Voice Processor
Yellowtec YT1000 VIP/digital Voice Processor
  • Yellowtec YT1000 VIP/digital Voice Processor
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Yellowtec YT1000 VIP/digital Voice Processor

Professional microphone processing with de-esser, reverb, equilizer, compressor, expander, AGC, sub-filter
Yellowtec YT1000 VIP/digital Voice Processor giver din mikrofon on-air lyd den rigtige sound!

VIP/Digital is the professional's choice in microphone processing, because it bundles the industry's finest digital audio processing capabilities in one easy, economical package. From its Smart Detection De-esser to its natural-sounding reverb with user-editable parameters, every processing tool you need on-board. There's even a delay line, rarely included in products of this class, but indispensable for post-production. VIP/Digital removes the headaches of searching for the right combination of equipment with the processing you need - then hoping they'll work together when you install them. Giving you a new level of power and convenience, in addition to its amazing sound quality, VIP/Digital offers a trouble-free and smart approach to handle all your processing needs in one rackspace.

Voice and music: Now in perfect harmony.

In radio, creating a unique sound has become one of the most vital challenges facing station management. While a combination of microphone and on air processing is often used, voice and music processing requirements are different. The need for a smooth workflow between them has not been adequately addressed... until now. With VIP/digital, you now get the ultimate tool to meet today's demands for clean, personalized yet dynamic mic processing. VIP/digital gives you more power than any other mic processor you've encountered. It lets you tailor your talent's voice with an unprecedented arsenal of processing tools, then mates it perfectly with your station's on-air audio processing.

Two Mic inputs
Their selection can be programmed via presets.

Studio Reference-Grade Mic PreAmp
24-bit converter, 48V phantom power and up to 54 dB gain for dynamic microphones.

Low latency
In digital broadcasting, low latency is an essential requirement for off-air monitoring. VIP/digital has a total maximum latency of less than 1.5 ms - among the best anywhere.

With a straightforward design for easy operation, it handles everything from a whisper to a scream.

Adds natural sounding dynamics to your voice.

Automatic Gain Control with sensible controls.

State-of-the-art FFT analysis, combined with a new and unique algorithm, allows optimal operation independent of input level. The result? Removal of unwanted sibilance while preserving the upper frequency spectrum.

Parametric EQ

Four individual, single band EQs offer selectable frequency, Q, and bell or shelving contours.

Built-in Phase Rotators
Switch out phase rotation in your main processing for cleaner, clearer music, while adjusting phase rotation only on the talent line - just where it's needed.

High quality reverb section with easy to set parameters adds the exact amount of ambience you desire.

Delay line
Provides compensation for time delay in post production environments.

Subsonic Filter
Eliminates low frequency 'garbage' that can degrade overall sonic performance if left unchecked.

Variable module order
With the Sound Control Software, you simply drag and drop any of the above objects into the desired order for optimal processing of your signal - just like the dedicated, high power production tools you may be familiar with.

A variety of I/O controls integrates your VIP/digital smoothly and intelligently into your studio workflow.
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