VoxPro e2 Audioediting
VoxPro e2 Audioediting
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VoxPro e2 Audioediting

Simpel og hurtig lydredigering til din PC
Den kan købes på 2 måder:
- på cd-rom, som indeholder software og den krævede aktiveringskode.
- som download, hvor du her på siden downloader en trial-version, og derefter bestiller en aktiveringskode hos os.

All editing commands on screen, on keyboard and on num-pad for fast, easy to learn, easy to use editing control

Create, import or export all popular formats including MP3

Fully resizable window

Unlimited undos and redos for life of each recording

One button Insert-Record automatically sandwiches new audio Into existing recording

Last three recorded files listed in on-screen HotList

Effects include mute, bleep, insert silence and VOICESLIP (to separate L and R channels and eliminate "talk-over")

Allows mono playback of stereo files

Works with virtually all sound cards

Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP

Quick and easy audio editing. At home or at work. On desktops or laptops.

The software is intended for one computer. There is a second install that accompanies each sale. This is intended for a back up copy for each piece.

The software will copy to other computers after the second install. It can be copied on as many computers as the user likes - for himself or his friends These installations, however, will be enabled for 30-day free trial copies only. After 30 days, the product will shut off. The user will be prompted to buy throughout the 30-day countdown.
1000 gr.


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