Tieline Commander G3 Reporter Codec
Tieline Commander G3 Reporter Codec
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Tieline Commander G3 Reporter Codec

Codec and mixer. Table top / Field unit with 2 slots for ISDN, POTS or GSM modules.
Ved samlet køb af studie og reporter enhed gives der ekstra samlet rabat samt ekstra moduler med uden beregning - under halv pris!

Køb sættet med reporter og studio-unit for kun DKK 20.000,00.
Flere ekstra-moduler kan fås med for kun DKK 2.000,00.

Now you can customize your POTS audio codecs to suit your exact needs in a few easy steps.

Commander G3 features two expansion slots which accepts your choice of 15kHz mono POTS, Dual Mono POTS, Stereo POTS, Mono/Stereo ISDN, GSM wireless to landline and telephone coupler modules. You can build a simple economical POTS or ISDN codec or combine modules to create a powerful studio environment in the field.

Use a single POTS module for 15kHz mono POTS. Combine two POTS modules and use two telephone lines to send your program to two destinations or use 1 channel for program and the other for IFB and data. Bond two POTS channels for phase locked stereo POTS. Perfect for stereo broadcasts, STLS, or backup to stereo ISDN STLS.

Plug in the optional ISDN card for mono 56/64 or stereo 64/128 ISDN . Choose from G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2 algorithms for industry compatibility with other brands of codecs. Connect an additional 15kHz mono POTS module and optional Failover software for a complete ISDN Studio-to -Transmitter link solution.

GSM Wireless:
Only Tieline offers up to 7.5kHz over standard GSM networks and up to 15kHz over HSCSD GSM networks. Combine the GSM module with the Tieline field power supply for a completely wireless solution. Great for reporters on the move.

A new Platform: A new super charged DSP platform combined with FPGA flexibility and a new Expansion Slot sets the Commander G3 apart from its predecessors allowing a world first stereo 15kHz over analog POTS links plus up to 20kHz stereo over ISDN.

3 Input On board Digital Mixer: A powerful and flexible on-board mixer featuring 2 mic/line inputs, an RCA auxiliary in/out, 2 headphones and independent channel on/off cue-talkback and send-return audio mix functionality.Dokument(er)
Commander G3 brochure.pdf (479 kb)
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