TEM Opera 3500 Watt FM Transmitter MPX
TEM Opera 3500 Watt FM Transmitter MPX
97.487,50 DKK (77.990,00 DKK)

TEM Opera 3500 Watt FM Transmitter MPX

7 units 19” std rack. Remotely controlled by Hyper Terminal and GSM. Always “ON AIR”
Extremely low consumption thanks to high efficiency (> 65%). In only 7 units 19" std rack. Remotely controlled by Hyper Terminal and GSM. Always "ON AIR" thanks to
redundant philosophy. Washable air filter.

Wideband circuits amplifiers with MOSFET technology
Built-in exciter with digital frequency synthesiser and stereo encoder built-in
Automatic fold-back ROS protection
2 levels of temperature protection
LCD display to check all operating parameters
6 parallel 800W amplifiers for the highest reliability
3 PFC switching power supplies in current sharing for highest reliability and efficiency
Sealed duct cooling air with two blowers
Easy removable double blower
Harmonics filter built-in
Air filter easy removable and washable
Remote control by RS232 - Hiper terminal -
Remote control by GSM - SMS -

This 3,5 KW transmitter operating in the 87,5÷108 MHz
band, uses 6x800W amplifiers in parallel mounted for the cooling
in only one heat sink. A failure in one RF amplifier will reduce RF
output power, but it will not affect operation of the other in any
way. This redundancy is the key to the excellent reliability of this
Operating frequency can be set up in a few seconds by the
synthesizer. The equipment is fully microprocessor controlled.
These transmitters are ideally suited for unmanned
stations, in fact they do not require periodically maintenance and
are fully protected.
The installation is very fast and maintenance very easy.
It can be equipped with an RDS code built-in.


Operating voltage 400VAC ±10 % 3phases or 230 VAC +/-10% monophase
Cooling Forced air with two built-in blowers
Line power < 5200VA
Operational temperature range -5° to 45°C
Storage temperature range -40° to 50°C
Output RF connector 7/8"
Monitor RF connector BNC
Dimensions 485x311x600 mm
Weight 50Kg

Frequency range 87.6 to 107.9MHz
Frequency setting in 10KHz or 100 KHz steps
Setting mode by keys on the front panel
Frequency stability ±500Hz/year
Frequency generation PLL synthesizer
Modulation type direct VCO frequency modulation F3
Nominal frequency deviation ±75KHz
RF output power > 3,5 KW
Reverse output power control limit 50 to 200W
Harmonics emission <-70dBc
Spurious emission <-95dBc
MONO (left and right) 30Hz to 15KHz
STEREO (by internal stereo generator) 30Hz to 53KHz
SCA + RDS 30Hz to 100KHz
Composite Mono or Stereo + SCA + RDS

Signal input MPX Composite
Input impedance 10Kohm unbalanced
Input connector BNC
Input level Adjustable
Audio frequency response (30Hz to 60KHz)) <0.5dB
Modulation distortion <0.2%
Signal to noise ratio >75dB

Digital stereo coder DKK 2.850,00 - EUR 380,00
RDS coder DKK 1.125,00 - EUR 150,00
Remote control by GSM DKK 4.200,00 - EUR 560,00
Automatic ΔF control DKK 1.725,00 - EUR 230,00
Audio absence signalling Card DKK 1.350,00 - EUR 180,00
70000 gr.


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