Teleporter-3 with keyboard and record-out
Teleporter-3 with keyboard and record-out
Teleporter-3 with keyboard and record-out
  • Teleporter-3 with keyboard and record-out
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Teleporter-3 with keyboard and record-out

Pulse/DTMF dialing - 23 digit # capacity for re-dialing - record out
The Teleporter-3 is the new standard in portable telecommunication for professional reporters, who require communication with their studio without any problems or hassle with batteries.
The Teleporter-3 is a compact reporter unit which can be used to drive domestic phone lines with mic and line signals.
By intelligent processing in specially designed telecommunication chips we have combined remarkable sound quality with optimum modulation of the telephone line.
The actual use of the Teleporter-3 is very easy due to the wide dynamic range. The internal compressor can handle almost any incoming signal on the mic and or line input.
Besides the mic and line input there is also a record output to record telephone conversations at location as well as in the studio. You can use the Teleporter 3 anywhere. Advanced internal circuitry keeps current extremely low, so batteries are not needed. The line voltage can vary between extremes without changing any function and or transmit quality of the Teleporter-3.

The Teleporter-3 totally replaces all the functions of a modern telephone set. Functions such as tone/pulse, internal buzzer and re-dial functions for 23 digits.
The F switch is for Flash.
Both mic and line signals can be send at the same time. The MIX control adjusts the balance between incoming and outgoing signals, and the phones control adjusts the level.
The "ON" switch connects the Teleporter 2 with the phone lines.
The "BUZZER" switch activates the internal buzzer if needed. The "RING" led indicates a call at any time.
The back panel has metal XLR connectors for Mic, Line and Record in and outputs, and a standardized telephone line connector. The headphone connector is on standard 1/4" jack.
By using the Teleporter-3 you have total control over transmitting your valuable interviews at any time without the risk of running out of batteries during long reports.
Visit your nearest broadcast dealer and check out the new D&R "TELEPORTER-3".

Pulse and DTMF dialing.

23 digit capacity for re-dialing.

Memory clear.

Mixed mode dialing, start with PD and finish with DTMF dialing.

Dual re-dial buffers for PBAX and public calls.

Dynamic limiting (speech controlled) is independent of cable length/line voltage.

Power-down input for improved performance during pulse dial or register recall (flash).

Line loss compensation.

Automatic disabling of the DTMF amplifier in extreme low voltage conditions

Connectors : Jack stereo 6.3mm, XLR and Cinch connectors
Input impedance : 5kOhm (transformer balanced)
Output level : -40 up to +6 dBu
Output impedance : 2kOhm (transformer balanced)
Noise on Receive output : less than -82dB (A weighted)
Power supply : Powered by telephone line
Dimensions : Front 240x44mm, Depth 110mm
Weight : 725grams

Connector : RJ11
Nominal input level : -6dBu
Nominal output level : -6dBu
Compensation Mode : fully electronic
Impedance : 600 Ohm

Dimension/Weight. 22x22x12cm packed in carton, 2kg
5000 gr.


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