TC Electronic Spark FX Machine
TC Electronic Spark FX Machine
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TC Electronic Spark FX Machine

Virtual multi FX and Synthesizer Plug-In
The Virtual Multi-Fx and Synthesizer Generator
Build your own MODULAR SYNTHESIZER, MASTERING PROCESSOR or MASSIVE MULTI-FX with the FXmachine and the supplied Plug-Ins! Its fast and easy - load any of the supplied or optional VST effects or instruments, move them around freely and listen to the changes in realtime!

No Limits
The matrix size can be changed according to your requirements! From 1x1 to 10x10 you can create any size for your processing.

Create your own effects or synthesizers by mixing the supplied Plug-Ins any any of your other VST Plug-Ins in series, parallel or both at the same time! Great multi-FX chains for exiting effects, complete with MIDI clock, are easy to realize and handle with the matrix!

The FXmachine comes with many presets for mastering as well, using only the supplied Plug-Ins, providing you with multiband dynamics processors or other key tools for mastering. Of course 24/96 is supported!

Keep it Simple
Working with multiple Plug-Ins can be tedious at times. The FXmachine simplifies the handling dramatically, including the ability to recall complex FX-chains involving a multitude of Plug-Ins with only one key stroke! For the first time, transferring your FX from one project to another wont be a headache anymore!

Included Tools
All of these original tools by TC Works are included right out of the box for use in the matrix:

Matrix Plug-Ins
 The matrix size is adjustable from 1x1 to 10x10!
 FXmachine (for VST FX-Plug-Ins)
 FXmachine Instrument (for VST FX- and Instrument-Plug-Ins)

 Reverb (featuring the renowned Native Reverb Algorithm)
 Resonance Filter (with Envelope Follower)
 FuzzSat (Analog Distortion Emulation)
 Grainalizer (Modulated Downsampling Delay)
 Touch Wah (Wah Pedal with MIDI control)
 Tape Delay (Delay with LO-FI effect)

 1 and 3 Band EQ Plug-In with:
Low Shelve
Hi Shelve
Notch Filter
 Cut Filter
 BandPass Filter
 Accurate Metering and Clipping Counter

Dynamic Processors
 Compressor (Part of TC Native CL
 Vintage Compression using SoftSat (Part of TC Native CL)
 Limiter (Part of TC Native CL)
 MaxIt (Maximizer Plug-In)
 Multiband Processing using all of the above

These Synth-building blocks can be combined freely with other VST instuments and FX to build new sound generators:
 TCO - Oscillator (monophonic virtual analog Dual Oscillator)
 TCF - Filter (24, 18, 12 dB filter with resonance)
 TCA - Amplifier (amplitude envelope generator with SoftSat)
 TCSeq - Step Sequencer (16 steps, receives MIDI clock)
 TCK - Virtual Keyboard (for fast control)

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

 G3 or faster (G4 recommended)
 MacOS 9 or higher (not compatible with OS X)
 VST host application such as: Cubase, Logic, Spark, ...
 RAM as specified by VST host application (Minimum 128 MB)

 Intel PII 300 or faster
 Windows 98 or higher (incl. XP)
 VST host application such as: Cubase, Logic, ...
 RAM as specified by VST host application (Minimum 128 MB)



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