TC Electronic Powercore 1.8
TC Electronic Powercore 1.8
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TC Electronic Powercore 1.8

PCI connected DSP Card (PC and Mac)
Rackmount Quality Processing Solution for MAC and PC

Stop compromising. Unleash pro studio power inside your native recording environment. Run 24/96, multiple reverbs AND compressors AND synthesizers - without maxing out your CPU.

The Tools
Fill up your virtual racks with rackmount-quality processors right out of the box: lush TC-quality reverbs, smooth chorus/delay, vintage compression, de-essing, a complete vocal processing channel, mastering EQ and even a virtual analog Synthesizer. All-inclusive and ready to run - without significant hit on the CPU. And as if thats not enough, pick your favourite tools from the growing number of 3rd parties, such as SONY, D-SOUND, WALDORF - and many more to come!

The Power
POWERCORE provides you with 4 industry standard Motorola DSPs and a PowerPCT. This unique configuration transforms any VST- or MAS-compatible software into a professional audio workstation! Run up to 28 Vintage Compressors, or 8 MEGA REVERBS or any combination of the included studio-quality effects without maxing out your computers resources. All DSP processing is performed on the card; only the user interface requires minimal resources. This DSP-backbone will significantly enhance your existing production environment! Need even more power? Add another POWERCORE. SUPPORTS MOST VST/MAS APPLICATIONS ON MAC AND PC POWERCORE integrates seamlessly with most I/O systems and most software that supports VST or MAS Plug-Ins, such as Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Live and many others. Make sure your application supports VST or MAS - and you are compatible!

Any Host
Pick any sequencer or audio application - as long as it supports VST or Audio Units FX Plug-Ins (to use POWERCORE instruments, the application must additionally support VST/AU instruments).

POWERCORE functions with all I/O systems supported by your application, making it the perfect addition to almost any existing system. (Check that your I/O card system doesnt require ALL of the existing PCI bandwidth.)

Up To 4
Up to 4 cards may be used simultaneously in one system, though each card provides you with so much power that you probably wont need that. In fact, with 4 cards you can go as far has having a MASTER X3 on every track in a 32-track production. (POWERCORE is not approved for operation in PCI expansion chassis. Details from your TC WORKS distributor.)

3rd parties are an integral part of the POWERCORE platform, ensuring that there will always be a growing number of professional tools available. Check the amazing Waldorf D-Coder (Vocoder), Sony Inflator and Oxford EQ or D-Sound VL2 Plug-In. They all take advantage of POWERCOREs processing power to provide you with seamlessly integrated FX in your VST/AU sequencer. And many more to follow. View the OPTIONAL PLUG-INS here.

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

- PowerCore PCI
- Windows XP
- PIII 1 GHZ or Faster, including Intel P4s with Hyper threading
- 256 MB RAM
- VST compatible host application.
- System must also meet the requirements of the host application.

- PowerCore PCI
- MAC OS X (10.2 or higher)
- G4 / 400 MHZ or Faster
- 256 MB RAM
- VST or AudioUnits compatible host application.
- System must also meet the requirements of the host application.


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