TC Electronic G-Minor
TC Electronic G-Minor
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TC Electronic G-Minor

Midi Foot Controller
The Versatile MIDI Footswitch

The GMinor is a multi purpose MIDI Foot Controller that sends and receives MIDI information. The GMinor will control any MIDI device using MIDI Control and Program Changes and when used with the TC Electronic GMajor and GForce* Guitar Processors; certain specific features are available.

When used with the GMajor or the GForce* you can:
· Tap Global Tempo
· Switch Effect blocks on and off via MIDI Control Changes
· Select presets via Program Changes
· Mute the Outputs for silent tuning
· Switch channels on your combo or preamp via the GMajor Relay Switch function
· Use the Preset level function on the GMajor e.g. for instant change of level for solos etc.
· Any other functions that are controlled via a MIDI CC or a Program Change command

Furthermore several GMinors can be "daisy-chained" giving you more "on the fly" options.Translated versions of this manual can be downloaded by clicking the Manual link in the leftside column.

* Please note that your GForce must run with software 2.04 or higher to utilize the functions described.



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