TC Electronic DB-8
TC Electronic DB-8
131.250,00 DKK (105.000,00 DKK)

TC Electronic DB-8

8 Channel Digital TV Transmission Processor incl. AGC, 5 band Dynamics, ISP Limiter
Taking the most recent loudness research into account, DB8 ensures consistency across programs without the need for previewing or a priori measuring of level.

DB8 offers simultaneous Realtime Loudness Control, Multiband Processing, Format Conversion, Limiting and on-line Delay. All processing and I/O is done at state-of-the-art resolution and attention to detail, ensuring that DB8 is the strongest link of a broadcast or linking chain.

DB8 contains 4 separate processors, each capable of dealing with Mono, Stereo, LtRt or 5.1 signals. For example, one DB8 can process 8 different mono, 4 different stereo, or a combination of mono, stereo and 5.1 signals.

DB8 can serve analog and digital transmission simultaneously, while allowing the station to examine how new possibilities of digital TV are best used in a certain geographical area, or for a certain type of program.

Many DB8 units can be controlled from the same (Ethernet) network, and the vast processing pool available in each unit may be updated in the field to take advantage of new possibilities, or to comply with changing demands of the broadcast industry going through the analog to digital transition.

DB-8 TV Transmission Features
Keep production simple and fast using the unique stereo up-convert facility of DB-8. Disable up-conversion when transmitting 5.1 feature films,leaving only loudness control and limiting in the signal path.The 48 bit processing of DB8 ensures pristine audio quality under all conditions.

Loudness Control
Inconsistent audio levels are the number one source of viewer irritations. The true loudness leveling tools provided in the DB-8 take care of these complaints. No more loud commercials, but a consistent audio level true to the viewers perception will satisfy the high demands of todays viewer.

Peak Control
Intersample accurate limiting allows very tight peak control and maximum audio quality from lossy compression codecs. Distortion canceling limiting techniques keep distortion to an absolute minimum allowing the DB-8 to deliver clean crisp audio.

Technical Specs
Digital I/O Connectors D-SUB, 25 pole (8 channels AES/EBU in/out)

Formats AES/EBU (24 bit)

Word Clock Input BNC, 75 Ohm or Hi-Z, 0.6 to 10 Vpp

Internal Sample Rate 48.0 kHz, 44.1 kHz

Internal Clock Precision +/-30 ppm

Jitterrejection at External Sample Rates 30 to 34 kHz, 42.5 to 45.5 kHz, 46.5 to 48.5 kHz

Rejection Filter (4th order) <-3 dB @50 Hz <-65 dB @500 Hz <-100 dB @1.4 kHz

Rejection Filter Peak (jitter gain) <1 dB @ 2 Hz

Intrinsic Interface Jitter <1 ns peak, BW :700 Hz to 100 kHz

Digital Output Phase <3 % of sample period

Input variation before Sample Slip +27 %/-73 % of sample period

Output Dither HPF/TPDF dither 8-24 bit, mono, stereo, inverted

Processing Delay 0.15 ms +0.21 ms per engine @ 48 kHz

Additional Delay Up to 4 seconds (24 bit,stereo) per processor

Frequency Response DIO DC to 23,9 kHz +-0,01 dB @ 48 kHz

Floppy Drive DOS compatible, 3 1/2", 1.44 Mb

Control Interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbits/s, Base-T

GPI program change & Fader dissolve control input Phone jack, 0 ohm to 50 kohm

Remote RS485/RS422 program and parameter serial control

SMPTE Timecode input for timed program changes

MIDI In/Out/Thru: 5 Pin DIN

Dimensions 3 1/2 x 19 x 12 inches

Weight 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)

Mains Voltage 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (auto-select)

Power Consumption 45 watts
10500 gr.


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