TC Electronic 2290
TC Electronic 2290
TC Electronic 2290
  • TC Electronic 2290
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TC Electronic 2290

Dynamic Digital Delayprocessor, 4/8 seconds, Delay/Sampling
Acclaimed as the Industry Standard Digital Delay, the TC 2290 is to be found in recording studios, PA rigs and guitarists FX racks the world over.

The TC 2290 combines unique operational features and superior sound quality, allowing you a greater degree of musical creativity in the use of effects.

Superior technical specifications ensure fully transparent sound quality.
Worldwide Industry Standard in recording, sound reinforcement and broadcast facilities.
 "Learn" button for easy entry of delay time.
 Programmable Chorus, Ducking, Gating & Panning.
 Dynamic Delay Looping for Live Applications.
 Sampling with Real Time Looping and Sound on Sound. Dynamic Control of Delay, Dynamics & Panning.
 Five Programmable Effect Loops for control of external effects/pedals.
 4 seconds memory ( 8 seconds in Double Sample / Double Delay time Mode).
 Ultra fast processing provides lowest analog group delay: < 30 µSec and Group Delay Linearity: ± 5 µSec.

MIDI enables the TC 2290 to operate as a "main brain" of an FX rack. Favourite "external" FX units or foot pedals can be incorporated into the chain of five programmable effects loops which can be stored within the patch memories.

Dynamic Control
The Dynamic Control and Learn function provides you with a unique tool with which to create new and exciting effects, while the Dynamic Function also enables effects to be activated when you play and suppressed when you stop playing or vice versa.

Technical Specifications
I/O Specifications
Max. Input Level (XLR) +22 dBu

Max. Output Level (XLR) +22 dBu

Max. Input Level (Jack) +14 dBu

Max. Output Level (Jack) +10 dBu

Input Impedance (Jack/XLR) 1 MOhm unbal. / 20 kOhm bal.

Output Impedance (Jack/XLR) 750 Ohm unbal./ 50 Ohm Electronically bal.

Frequency Response 20-20 kHz, +0 / -0.5 dB, 25 kHz, -3dB

Total Harmonic Dist. < 0.05% 1 kHz, 0 dBm

Dynamic Range >100 dB

Group Delay <30 microseconds

Delay Resolution 0.1 mSec to 999.9 mSec. then 1 mSec

Digital-Conversion Dynamic Differential Delta Sigma

Sampling Rate 1 MHz, no downsampling used

Operating Temperature 32° to 122° (0°C to 50°C)

Storage Temperature -22°F to 167°F (30°C to 70°C)

Shipping Weight 12 lbs (5.7 kg)

Net Weight 19 lbs (6.4 kg)

Input/Output 1/4" Phone & XLR

Rear Panel Control Assign Switch and TC LINK or TC 0144 Serial Jack

MIDI In/Thru/Out

Controls & Display
Input Gain Adjusts input gain ± 10 dB

Input Level PPM 5 section LED input meter labeled to indicate: -20, 10,-3,0,+3

Bypass Single control electronic bypass, Non-volatile memory function

Feedback Controls Low Pass at 8, 4, 2 kHz,Hi Pass at 100, 200, 400 Hz Level in % and Phase inversion of feedback

Output Volume Delay, Direct, Delay + Direct, location of same in L &R outputs, phase invertion of Delay

Modulation Controls Individual control for Delay, Pan & Dynamic.

Waveforms Sine, Random, Envelope & Trig

Pan Section Panning of direct signal, Delay signal or both

Dyn Section Enables Gating, Ducking, Sampling and Auto Trig

Delay Time Multi function 4 digit display reads Delay Time and Special Function Values

Delay Up-Down Scroll buttons for adjusting Delay time

Learn Tap in Delay times, start/stop of sample

Keyboard Numeric Keypad for parameter entry

Preset Enters Preset mode

Store Stores updated preset

Keys A & B Programmable "Soft Keys" Sets record mode and edit points in sample mode

Channel & Enable MIDI Channel & MIDI in enable

Change Enables External Effects Loop mode

Spec Enters Special Key Function Mode

Power Front panel on/off switch
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