Symphony Portable Duo - rachargeable
Symphony Portable Duo - rachargeable
Symphony Portable Duo - rachargeable
  • Symphony Portable Duo - rachargeable
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Symphony Portable Duo - rachargeable

Duplex portable synthesised tranceiver
Combined transmit and receive in a single unit - True duplex operation - High quality Audio - Synthesised frequency control -Long battery life using standard AA batteries - 50mW RF output

Duo gives studio floor crew a simple to use high quality, true duplex, single box solution to wireless intercom needs. Using advanced synthesised frequency control techniques, Duo operates in the 400 to 900MHz frequency range and has four nonvolatile internally stored channels. T h e s e c a n b e r e a d i l y reprogrammed using s t andard PC software. Duo delivers 50mW RF output power, a level more than adequate for effective operation in the largest studio complex. For smaller working areas the power output can be reduced through internal adjustments. Operating from a pair of AA batteries, Duo will give an extended battery life of over 10 hours under normal operating circumstances. A combined visual and audible low battery indication is just one of the many facilities de signed as standard into this rugged unit. In use, Duo requires an operator worn headset and boom microphone assembly with integral push to talk (PTT) switch.
secondary PTT switch is provided on the Duo front panel. Headsets are often a personal choice of the user so compatible types and configurations to suit all tastes are available from Wood & Douglas. In common with other products in the range and in contrast to competitor systems Duo uses narrow band FM techniques to provide high quality audio while remaining spectrally efficient.
By satisfying European ETS 300 086 mobile radio specification, Duo will technically comply with the most demanding of type approval
requirements anywhere in the world. This aspect together with frequency agility, small size, excellent audio quality and extended battery life all contribute to make Duo the natural choice for professional studio wireless intercom applications.

Frequency range 400 - 900 MHz (banded)
Number of channels 4 with push switch selection
Duplex spacing 10 MHz typical, 5.5 MHz minimum
Switching bandwidth 10MHz
Channel spacing 25kHz or 12.5 kHz
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm over temperature range
Frequency response 25kHz 40Hz to 4.5 kHz
Pre / de-emphasis options 50:s or 6 dB per octave or flat (jumper selectable)
Battery type 2 x AA alkaline primary cells
Battery life expectancy >10 hours (95% RX; 5% TX)
Size 180 x 60 x 22mm (7.08" x 2.36" x 0.86")
Weight 150g (5.28oz)
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
Housing High impact injection moulded case
Connectors 4 way Lemo OB Series
Controls on/off switch, volume control, channel change, PTT
Sensitivity < -115 dBm for 12 dB SINAD (with weighting filter)
Adjacent channel selectivity 25kHz >70 dB
2.5kHz >60 dB
Image rejection >70 dB
Intermodulation rejection >65 dB
Blocking >84 dB
Intermediate frequencies 45 MHz and 455 kHz
Distortion 25kHz <2 % at 1 kHz
12.5kHz <3 % at 1 kHz
Antenna Transducer cable
AF load impedance 16 ohms
Audio output level 1.5V RMS into 600 ohms ; 20mW into 16
RF power output 50 mW (adjustable down to 5mW )
TX enable time <50ms
Adjacent channel power <200 nW
Deviation 25kHz ± 3 kHz nom (± 5 kHz max)
12.5kHz ± 1.5 kHz nom (± 2.5 kHz max)
Antenna Internal frame loop
Modulation input sensitivity -60 dBm for peak deviation; 600 ohms unbalanced
Microphone type Dynamic or Electret (Internal link selectable)
Soft limiter Constant deviation over >20dB mic input range

Carrying Case

Associated Equipment
Symphony Wireless Intercom Base Station
Solo Presenter Feed Receiver
Trio Transmitter
500 gr.


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