Symphony 400D
Symphony 400D
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Symphony 400D

Synthesised duplex base station - single aerial working - 3W maximum RF output
Symphony gives the broadcaster a no compromise solution to wireless intercom duplex base station needs. It is a product that is at home both in the studio or in the OB vehicle. Using advanced synthesiser frequ ency control techniques, Symphony is available in various
vers ions across the 400 to 900 MHz range providing up to 3Watts maximum RF output and 99 stored channels. These are selectable via the four button front panel display or from an external source via the rear panel ancillary connector. New frequencies are readily reprogrammed into memory using PC software.
Conscious of space, Symphony is housed in a 1U 19 inch rack with options for two aerial or single aerial working with the duplexing
filter internal to the rack as standard. Operation can be from AC or DC power sources with auto revert to DC if there is an AC failure.
Careful attention has bee n given in the design of Symphony to reflect broadcast industry demands for low distortion, highquality audio so essential in reducing operator fatigue. Audio interfacing from the unit into the studio four wire circuit is via industry-standard XLR
Where licensing authorities demand it, Symphony can be fitted with an optional internal transmitter isolator. Symphony has evolved from
earlier generations of Wood & Douglas intercom products. It is not a compromise modified mobile radio product but a dedicated
solution to studio wireless intercom needs. While conceived to be used with Solo, Duo and Trio products, Symphony is a stand alone
product qualified to ETS 300 086 type approval. It will be attractive for all manner of professional low power duplex base station
applications both inside and outside the broadcast industry.

Frequency range 400 - 900MHz (in banded versions)
Number of RF channels Up to 99 selectable via front panel display
(Rear panel serial interface for remote selection)
Mode of operation 400 - 470 MHz Dual or single aerial duplex (internal duplexing
470 - 860 MHz Dual aerial duplex working (with internal notch filter)
Transmit / receive spacing 5.5MHz minimum
Line input level High impedance, soft limited at +8dBm maximum
Line output level 0dBm into 600ohm (+8dBm maximum)
Pre / de-emphasis 50:s / 6dB per octave / flat (configured at issue)
Supply voltage 110 - 230V AC and +12V DC negative earth
Connectors antenna N type(s)
line in 3 pin XLR socket
line out 3 pin XLR plug
power AC - IEC male; DC - 9 Way D type plug
front panel 5 pin Lemo socket
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
Size 480 x 420 x 45mm (19"x 16.5"x 1.8")
Weight 6kg (2.7lbs)

R F power output (±1 dB) 400 - 470 MHz 3W maximum with adjustment down to 10mW
470 - 860 MHz 1W maximum
Frequency stability ± 2.0 ppm
Spurious emissions To ETS 300 086
Deviation 25kHz ± 3 kHz nom.
12.5kHz ± 1.5 kHz nom.
Adjacent channel power < 200 nW
Audio bandwidth 20Hz - 3.4kHz (-3dB)
S/N ratio >50dB (3kHz deviation & 50:s pre / de-emp)

Sensitivity < -115 dBm for 12 dB SINAD (with weighting filter)
Frequency stability ± 2.5 ppm
Spurious and image rejection >70dB
Adjacent channel selectivity >70dB
Intermodulation rejection >70dB
S/N ratio @ -50dBm RF >50dB (3kHz deviation & 50:s pre / de-emp)
Distortion <2% (with 0.3 - 3.4kHz filter)
Display and Control Functions
Frequency selection
Received signal strength bar graph
Programming of Duo, Solo and Trio units through front panel
Audio parameters (pre/de-emphasis, 6dB or 50 :s, or flat)
RS232 I/O port enabling PC programming and external control

Transmitter isolator

Associated Equipment
Solo Presenter Feed Receiver
Duo Duplex Intercom Transceiver
Trio Intercom Transmitter
6000 gr.


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