Sharp MD-MT-180H (S) Mini-disk player/recorder
Sharp MD-MT-180H (S) Mini-disk player/recorder
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Sharp MD-MT-180H (S) Mini-disk player/recorder

The new slim MD-MT180 with 40-second shock resistant memory continues the trend for Sharp's MiniDisks. Always simple to use; you can record up to 30 hours or playback up to 38 hours when using the dual compatible batteries. Mini Disk Long Play Mode allows for over 5 hours of recording and playback on a standard mini disk. Random and Repeat Play allows for choice of random or repeated selections. Disk/Track Name enables to title your favorite recordings. Headphones for your listening pleasure and Remote Control for easy operation are included.

Slim enough to fit into a shirt pocket, the MD-MT180 nevertheless stores nearly five hours of near-CD-quality music on a standard 74-minute minidisc. Runners and joggers will appreciate the model's terrific skip protection (up to three minutes).

The 24-bit ATRAC (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding) format is the data-compression scheme developed for minidisc, and ATRAC3 offers even greater compression while maintaining near-CD quality. ATRAC3 encoding permits MDLP Long Play mode. LP2 mode gives you 148 minutes of material on a standard 74-minute MD, while LP4 mode packs in a whopping 296 minutes. Standard-play (SP) skip protection is for 40 seconds, while LP2 offers 80 seconds and LP4 covers for a full 160 seconds.

The player/recorder includes an optical digital-audio input. Playback modes include random and repeat play, A hold switch prevents unintended starting or stopping of recording or playback. The MD-MT180 offers full erase, divide, combine, move edit functions, as well as manual and automatic record-level setting. Record time is doubled when recording monaurally. A three-mode digital X-BASS system increases the bass for a fuller, heavier sound. Foldable inner-ear headphones, a rechargeable NiMH battery, and an AC adapter/battery charger are included.

Battery Life, NiMH battery, SP Mode: up to 11 hours playback, 7 hours record; LP2 mode: up to 13 hours playback, 9.5 hours record; LP4 mode: up to 15 hours playback, 12.5 hours record. Battery Life, AA battery: up to 22 hours' playback and 13 hours' record in LP4 mode. Combined Ni-MH and AA battery allows up to 38 hours playback and 30 hours record in LP4 mode.

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