Sennheiser EW 152 G2 Trådløs headset microphone
Sennheiser EW 152 G2 Trådløs headset microphone
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Sennheiser EW 152 G2 Trådløs headset microphone

Trådløs headset 2G mikrofon med modtager
The Sennheiser EW 152 G2 system is ideal for hands-free vocal applications. Supplied complete with the ME 3 headmic (which has superb feedback rejection), this system gives complete freedom of expression to stage vocalists as well as live commentators.

The system includes the ME 3 headmic, the extremely small SK 100 G2 bodypack transmitter as well as the EM 100 G2 rack-mount receiver, featuring 9 frequency banks with 4 frequency presets each for direct channel selection and immediate use.

A great feature of the Evolution range is the ability to expand the systems uses and power. There are many additional microphones, bodypack cable convertors and signal boosters available for you to get the right microphone with the right power for your performance.

Importantly, this UHF, diversity system uses band E: Range 830 - 866 MHz, so you will always have a frequency available throughout Europe (except Greece) without requiring any licence.


Autoscan on all receivers for simple and secure frequency selection
1440 frequencies within a 36MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility
Robust metal construction for durability
Smaller bodypack transmitters and receivers(30% smaller than current EW)
Pilot tone squelch(defeatable for backwards compatibility with original EW systems)
New battery concept(AA cells and rechargeable battery accessories)
Transmitter battery status telemetry on all models
Audio signal metering on transmitter LCD display
External charging contacts on 300 and 500 series bodypacks
XLR jacks on all rack-mountable units(including 100 series)


Frequency Range: 518-554, 626-662, 740-776, 786-822, 830-866MHz
Switchable Frequencies: 1440
Af Freq Response: 40-18000Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio: >110dB
Compander System: HDX HDX
Pilot Tone: 32768kHz, deafeatable

Operating Time: EK:>8h
Weight: EM: approx.1100g EK: approx. 158g
Dimensions: EM: 212x145x38 EK: 82x64x24
Squelch: Low: 5dBµV Mid: 15dBµV Hi: 25dBµV
Nominal Peak Deviation: XLR: Bal.:-24 to +18dBu Jack: Unbal.:-30 to +12dBu(adjustable in 6 dB-steps)
Current Consumption: EM: approx.200mA EK: approx.130mA
Power Supply: EM: 10.5-16V DC, 12V nom. EK: 2.4V DC
Adjacent Channel Rejection: >65dB
Image Rejection: >70dB
Sensitivity: <2.5µV
Intermodulation Spacing: >65dB
Receiver Principle: EM: True Diversity, EK: Non-Diversity
Booster Dc Supply: None(only via antenna splitter ASP2)

Weight: SK:approx.158g SKM:approx. 450g SKP:approx. 195g
Power Supply: 2.4V DC
Dimensions: SK:82x64x24 SKM:d=50x225 SKP:105x43x43
Nominal Peak Deviation: Mic:1.8V eff. Line:approx. 2,4Veff
Operating Voltage: >8h
Current Consumption: <170mA <250µA
Rf Outputs: typ. 30mW
Input Impedance: Mic:10kOhm Line:1MOhm
Max Sound Pressure Level: approx. 154dB

Delivery Includes:
1 EM 100 G2 rack-mount receiver
1 SK 100 G2 bodypack transmitter
1 ME 3 headset (super-cardioid)
1 NT 2-1 power supply unit
2 telescopic antennas
2 AA batteries
Operating instructions
5000 gr.


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