RVR Tube Transmitter VJTE-Serie 20-35 kW
RVR Tube Transmitter VJTE-Serie 20-35 kW
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RVR Tube Transmitter VJTE-Serie 20-35 kW

> Tuning motorized for input, plate and load able to cover the entire band from 87,5 to 108 MHz.

> High impedance for the low-pass filter.

> High overall efficiency.

> Possibility of Remote Control.

> Measuring extremely accurate for the forward and reflected power.

> Electronic start timing with Time Saving.

> Power amplifier on extractable undercarriage, in order to facilitate the transportation and maintenance.

> Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR requirements.

> Protections against excessive VSWR, grid current, temperature, safety interlocks, inadequate ventilation and unbalanced AC line.

> No neutralization required.

> Visualization of the interventions number.
VJ20000-25000-30000-32000-35000TE_0310.pdf (517 kb)


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