RVR TRDS7004 RDS Encoder
RVR TRDS7004 RDS Encoder
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RVR TRDS7004 RDS Encoder

RDS encoder med display
-Excellent quality/price ratio

-Fully digital with A/D-D/A 24 bit converters and DSP 32 bit

-R&L audio and analogical SCA outputs and optical and feeder digital input

-Distress system for the R&L and MPX audio inputs (Changeover)

-The RDS coder manages n. 6 data set and dynamic services TMC,TDC,IH and EWS

-All parameters are managed with encoder and display or dedicated softwareDokument(er)
TRDS4002-LUXOR-B_7002-7004.pdf (207 kb)
10000 gr.


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