RVR TRDS4001 RDS Encoder
RVR TRDS4001 RDS Encoder
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RVR TRDS4001 RDS Encoder

RDS med Windows software
RVR TRDS4001 er en god stabil RDS.

TRDS4001 features
123456789 Easy to prograrn via Personal Computer using a RS232 serial interface Selectable programmation language: English or ltalian Standard EBU Services availabie:- PI: Program Identification- PS: Program Service - PTY: Program Type - TP: Traffic Program Identification - TA: Traffic Announcement - AF: Alternative Frequencies - M/S: Music/Speech - PIN: Program ltem Nurnber - RT: Radio Text - EON: Enhanced Other Networks - TDC: Transparent Data Channel - IH: In-house Application Ability to transrnit 8 messages of 16 words during the dayAlternative Frequencies features: - Method A. 8 Lists of 25 Frequencies or 10 Lists of 23 Frequencies or 16 Lists of 1 5 Frequencies or 32 Lists of 7 Frequencies- Method B. 8 Lists of 12 Frequencies or 1 0 Lists of 1 1 Frequencies or 16 Lists of 7 Frequencies or 32 lists of 3 Frequen- cies (head-list included)Date and time funetion to put messages on airAutomatie lock in phase with the 1 9KHz pilot tone of the Stereo CoderPrearranged for 24Vdc external power suppiyAvailabie also in the version for SAT signals reception with automatic switching of the signal between the earth station and SAT station

TRDS4001 technical specifications
RDS Signal:Coding type:Modulation type:Frequency:Wideband:MPX Input:Output:MPX Output Level:RDS Output Level:Output Impedance:RDS Messages:Alternative Frequencies:Message Setting:ON-AIR Programmation:Data Port:Baud Rate:Connector:Message Management:Lifetime:Working Temperature:Mains voltage:Consumption:Rack Dimensions:Weight: meets CENELEC EN 50067 specificationDifferential at two levels DSB with suppressed carrier57 KHz± 2.4KHz0/+12 dBm on 600 OhmMPX+RDS or RDS (internally selectable)Equal to Input MPX (+ RDS)20 - 1000 mVpp100 Ohm8 messages of 16 words each (8 characters for each word) activated automatically at established times. Permanence Time of the word on the display variable from 2 to 60 seconds Method A: 8 lists of 25 frequencies or 10 lists of 23 frequencies or 16 lists of 15 frequencies or 32 lists of 7 frequecies. Method B: 8 lists of 12 frequencies or 10 lists of 11 frequencies or 16 lists of 7 frequencies or 32 lists of 3 frequecies (head-list included) With user friendly multi-languages (English or Italian) dedicated Software by PC IBM compatibleWith dedicated SoftwareRS232 Standard2400 Baud9 Pin D-Type Female connectorMicroprocessor-controlled system10 years without mains voltagefrom -10°C to 50°C110-220 Vac. 50-60 Hz or 24 Vdc with external battery15 VARack 19", 1HE (483 x 44 x 280 mm)3.5 Kg.
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