RVR SDC2000 Stereo + RDS coder + limitter
RVR SDC2000 Stereo + RDS coder + limitter
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RVR SDC2000 Stereo + RDS coder + limitter

Fully Digital DSP
-Coder stereo, coder RDS, A.G.C., clipper R&L and MPX, I.T.U., change-over in an individual equipment

-Fully digital with A/D-D/A 24 bit converters and DSP 32 bit, floating point.

-Distress system for all audio inputs (Changeover)

-RDS carrier automatic switch-off in case of no audio signal

-The RDS coder manages n. 55 data set and dynamic services TMC, TDC, IH and EWS

-Adjustable delay between the MPX inputs and outputs

-Synchronisation of the carriers with the 1Hz signal of the GPS

-Special A.G.C that adjusts the level of the MPX input with reference to the pilot toneDokument(er)
SDC2000_0310.pdf (219 kb)
10000 gr.


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