RVR Modular Transmitter 2-40 kW
RVR Modular Transmitter 2-40 kW
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RVR Modular Transmitter 2-40 kW

> PRIMARY APPLICATION: after the success obtained with the hot plug-in
equipments family, with output powers from 2 kW to 35 kW, RVR has intentional
condensed the best of its experience in these new modular equipments
designs in order to cover also this target of products.
With the creation of the new family of RVR's high power modular amplifiers
based on the M-C series, is possible to realize compact equipments from 2
to 40kW, extremely redundant, sturdy, flexible and economic.

> HARDWARE FEATURES: thanks to the modularity of the system can be
simply realized all the configurations demanded from the customer for
every kind of application. In particular for some power range can be chosen
between various solutions having the same output power but that use
modules type and number different, answering to the requirements of the
customers. The availability in RVR's catalogue of a complete range of
passive products like power combiner (2, 3, 4 and 5 ways), hybrids at 3
dB, high power commutators also switchless, patch-panel mechanics
and motorizes, concurs in the realization of systems perfectly correspon
ding with the demands of the project. Through its modular nature this
family of equipments concurs an easy and economic composition of 1+1
and N+1 redundant systems with the maximum optimization of the components
and spare parts.

> POWER & QUALITY: (elevated margin of power and highly professional characteristics).
High Power is ensured by a new design splitter and combiner
that allowed the maximum RF efficiency and the automatic gain control
guaranteed absolute stability of the power output. With LD (Low Drive)
option, it's possible to driving power (lower than 3W).

> RELIABILITY & REDUNDANCY (business continuity): elevated number of
self-sufficient modules and independent between they, that guarantee
the continuity of service with a minimum reduction of the output power
in case of faults on the main components. If one or more power amplifier
modules fails (totally or partially) the amplifier automatically reduces
output power to a safe value but continues transmitting.
In case of faulty of one or more power supplies, the amplifier continue to
work with reduced power.

> COMPACTNESS: (the single components are realized with an extremely
compact engineered) 10 KW in only 20 HE Rack!
> STURDINESS: (suitable overmeasurement of the power supplies and of the
amplifiers modules, accurate electrical and mechanics design).

> USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: LCD control panel and display for easy setting
and monitoring of all the operation parameters by a powerful software.

> EASE OF MAINTENANCE: extremely reduced through the choice of advanced
project solutions and the use of standard components and clean mechanical
design. For example: all transmitters modular series, have the supply
section separated from RF section and the RF section, totally in broadband,
no optimization needed in case of frequency change.

> REMOTE CONTROL: the device comes with a powerful, complete telemetry
system. RS232 port and GSM modem connectivity enables remote alarming
and monitoring of all parameters from a PC. In addition, when connected
to Telink RVR, the telemetry system supports the ANTLAN, BURK, LAN
and SNMP communication protocols.
TX10Kw front view
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