RVR Compact Transmitter 2 - 30 kW
RVR Compact Transmitter 2 - 30 kW
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RVR Compact Transmitter 2 - 30 kW

compact transmitter system 2-30kW - N+1 redundancy
Transmitter station

> HARDWARE FEATURES: compact design and an excellent price/performance
ratio make these transmitters ideal for mid-power applications
where the space available for transmitter installation is limited.
Modular concept makes for easy set-up of low-cost "1+1" configurations
and redundant "N + 1" configurations to customer specifications
suited for all applications.

> POWER & QUALITY: modular design concept supports configurations
in a broad range of power ratings from 2kW up to 30 kW also incorporating
low-cost compact exciters. Design solutions ensure the utmost
RF efficiency and output power stability with automatic gain control.
In addition, amplifiers use PFC (Power Factor Corrector) power supply
units, ensuring significant energy savings and environmental friendliness.

> RELIABILITY & REDUNDANCY (business continuity): the compact
transmitter series also offers high reliability, with such features as
dual power supply for amplifiers and limited power-operation in the
event one of the power modules fails.

> USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: user-friendly software and a simple, intuitive
HM interface let you easily set up and control all machine operating

> EASE OF MAINTENANCE: accessibility and ease of maintenance are
ensured by advanced modular engineering concepts incorporated in
the transmitter and by its lightweight components.

> REMOTE CONTROL: the device comes with a powerful, complete
telemetry system. RS232 port and GSM modem connectivity enables
remote alarming and monitoring of all parameters from a PC.
In addition, when connected to Telink RVR, the telemetry system
supports the ANTLAN, BURK, LAN and SNMP communication protocols.
(Different types of telemetry systems can be purchased separately,
depending on the exciter model incorporated in the transmitter).
TX05KF front view


RVR telemetry systems allow for an immediate intervention in case of fault, thanks to the radio station remote control. Equipment great flexibility makes it possible to control a high number of devices or to modify the station layout. This operation does not involve any radical changes of the control system, it is simply a matter of adding expansion boards that will increase the number of operating parameters the system can manage.


all RVR telemetry devices control and program the alarms, send/receive text messages (SMS), connect to external/internal GSM and PSTN modems, and use the telecon control software designed by RVR. The various functions, technical data and the available product versions are detailed in the following sections of this catalogue about functional specifications, technical specifications and product versions.


all RVR telemetry systems are housed in lightweight and rugged stainless steel rack cases having the dimension of 1 HE or 2 HE.


the front panel features many leds that indicate instant system status to the operator. In model TLC2000 the user-friendly HMI with graphic display ensures prompt reading and setting up of all operating parameters. It is possible to control and vary any system setting through a simple knob (encoder).


all RVR telemetry systems are assembled using modules and boards with connectors so that it is easy to remove, replace and add modules and boards.


TLC 2000 and TLC300 telemetry systems feature 24 V power connector that could be used in case of mains power failure. RDMODSER or GSM products are battery-powered.


the rear panel features all connectors that could be used to connect the equipment to the various station components. (see technical specifications section). Although our telemetry systems are designed to communicate in the best way possible with all RVR equipment, they can also interface with the equipment of other manufacturers, as far as their main operating parameters are output via analogue signals with value between 0 and +5V. The Telecon software used for remotely controlling the equipment is one of the most comprehensive and powerful systems on the market and, yet, it features a user-friendly HMI. Telecon developed by RVR Elettronica is fully compatible with any WINDOWST operating system.


all RVR telemetry systems comply with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.
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