PowerCore FireWire
PowerCore FireWire
PowerCore FireWire
  • PowerCore FireWire
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PowerCore FireWire

Firewire connected DSP Card
Serious Power for Native Audio Workstations

PowerCore is the open DSP-platform for rackmount-quality processing inside any VST or AudioUnit compatible audio application such as Logic, Cubase, Nuendo or Performer. The new PowerCore FireWire enables laptop users and professionals constantly on the move to take advantage of the wide selection of professional tools.

Even complex mixes are possible with just a laptop and one PowerCore FireWire, as it is offering almost twice the power of the PCI-card version! The unique combination of a floating-point PowerPC with 4 Motorola DSPs ensures tight integration into the native world - at the same time maintaining all of the advantages that DSPs offer for pristine signal processing.

PowerCores software and hardware provide the utmost quality and a future-proof design. Extremely power demanding tools like Mastering Dynamics, Reverbs and other professional virtual processors run on PowerCore without draining the host computers resources.

PowerCore FireWire delivers an array of powerful tools right out of the box. The nine virtual processors included feature the most complete collection of dynamics processing available, including a virtual Finalizer (Master X), Vintage Compression and a Voice Channel Strip. Not to mention the two TC-quality Reverbs, Modulation Effects, EQ, Synthesis...

Aside from the included software, PowerCore users may choose from the growing number of optional TC and 3rd party tools, featuring renowned brands such as Waldorf, Sony, TC-Helicon, DSound - and many more to come. Naturally, the PCI-card and the FireWire version of PowerCore may be used in the same system!

System Requirements

G3 or G4 with OS X.2 or higher, 256 MB RAM, VST compatible host application, most sound systems supported by VST/AudioUnits application.
PowerCore PCI requires for PowerCore PCI
PowerCore FireWire requires a 400 MBit FireWire connector.

PIII/500 or better, 256 MB RAM, WIN XP, VST compatible host application
PowerCore PCI requires a full length PCI-slot and a 3.3 Volts PCI Bus (spec. 2.2).
PowerCore FireWire requires a 400 MBit FireWire connector.


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