Omnia A/XE Audio Processing Software
Omnia A/XE Audio Processing Software
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Omnia A/XE Audio Processing Software

Omnia processing for your audio workstation
Attain total control of your audio streams with Omnia A/XE, featuring genuine Omnia processing for your audio workstation.

Sound which is pure, clean and compelling.

Omnia A/XE can process audio for a variety of applications, bitrate-reduced and linear. It runs in the background as a Windows service, can be fully-managed and configured remotely with a web browser, and can even process and encode multiple streams in various formats simultaneously.

Encode directly to MP3 or AAC, feed a Shoutcast-style or Windows Media Server in the MP3 format, or stream to Adobe Flash clients through a Wowza Media Server. You can also pair Omnia A/XE with your existing Windows Media, Real, mpgPRO or MP3 streaming encoder.


The new Virtual Patch Cable allows Omnia A/XE to receive, process, and send audio to other software on the PC. Internally encoded Shoutcast or Wowza server streams can be "tagged" with "now-playing" information received from automation systems or another application. We've even built-in a scheduler to allow streams to be started and stopped at specific times, as well as processing presets can be changed on a schedule, perhaps processing the morning show differently than the afternoon one.

Included with A/XE is a license to the multi-channel version of the Axia IP-Audio driver. Customers with a Livewire installation can use the Axia IP-Audio driver to read or write audio directly from the network without the need for hardware audio cards.


Omnia A/XE features adjustable wide-band AGC with a three-band compressor/limiter, IIF EQ and low-pass filter, and a precision look-ahead final limiter to prevent clipping. Resulting streams are cleaner, clearer, and with more presence and detail.

32-bit Windows XP and later
Minimum 512MB RAM
20MB free hard-drive space
Network Interface Card
Omnia-AXE-Brochure.pdf (1,91 mb)
Prod. varenr.:
8000 gr.


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