Numark CDN22 MK4 DJ CD Afspiller
Numark CDN22 MK4 DJ CD Afspiller
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Numark CDN22 MK4 DJ CD Afspiller

Solid performance power. CDN22 is a straightforward dual-CD player for mobile DJs and club installs. You'll find that while CDN22 is extremely affordable, it empowers you with all of the CD-playing essentials for professional performance.

TWO-PIECE DESIGN CDN22 is built in an attractive, rack-mount package that's equally at home in angled and straight racks. You can mount the control and drive units together or separately for setup flexibility, and the two interconnect with a single cable. It plays all of your CD and CD-R discs for media convenience.

The CD player is housed in an all-metal chassis for rugged, reliable performance.

PERFORMANCE CONTROLS CDN22 gives you rapid track access on its easy-to-use multifunction jog/shuttle wheels. You can dial the point in the track you're after in a split second and also use the jog wheels for controlling pitch bend. You can pitch your tracks up and down by 12% for easy beat matching.

CDN22 programmable playback enables you to set up a sequence of tracks for convenient playback. EXTRA FEATURES CDN22 has standard RCA outputs for connection to nearly any audio system and it also has a lossless S/PDIF digital output for super-low-noise playback. It also has Fader Start, which automatically starts playback when you move the crossfader on a compatible mixer.

CDN22 has all the basics you demand and few bonus features for making your gigs easy and enjoyable.
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