D&R On-Air Lamp 12V DC incl. AC Adapter
D&R On-Air Lamp 12V DC incl. AC Adapter
1.437,50 DKK (1.150,00 DKK)

D&R On-Air Lamp 12V DC incl. AC Adapter

On-Air lamp with high intensity red leds - easy to connect and mount
We can supply you a perfect matching ON-AIR lamp for all our mixers. You can of course use the unit too for other brands.

We call it ON-AIR Lamp but actually there is no lamp inside anymore, just everlasting high intensity red leds.

The unit is powered by a 12 volt DC 1A external power supply.

And what's more... no hassle with how do I connect this thing to my AIRMATE-USB/AIRENCE-USB/AIRLAB or AXUM.
No complicated high voltage AC switching with external relays etc. etc.
What you only need is one stereo cable (wired tip/ring) coming from the MIC-ON connector on the back of the AIRMATE/AIRENCE/AIRLAB console that goes directly hardwired to a terminal strip inside the ON-AIR LAMP. How easy is this for a change.
The power adapter will also be directly wired to the terminal strip inside the unit.

Width 260mm,
Height: 125mm,
Depth: 65mm
Cable entry holes and key slot holes in the backside.
4000 gr.

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