DB KV/3B Synth. Receiver 160-300 MHz, mono/mpx out
DB KV/3B Synth. Receiver 160-300 MHz, mono/mpx out
10.937,50 DKK (8.750,00 DKK)

DB KV/3B Synth. Receiver 160-300 MHz, mono/mpx out

Link receiver mono / mpx out
Synthesized from 160 - 300 MHz.

The transmitted and received frequency can be easily set by
the internal dip - switches or by the front panel numerical
selector (/C option).
 Excellent stereo separation. A built-in group delay and
amplitude precorrector guarantees a very low phase
distortion and a great stereo separation in the whole 15
kHz band.

 Suitable for digital audio. The subsonic overmodulation
and the low frequency phase distortion are controlled by a
feedback circuit in order to exalt the audio quality of the
latest digital systems.
 Low THD distortion: the THD value with stereo or mono
demodulated and deemphasized signals is negligible.
 Flat frequency response: due to the latest generation
technology and the components precision the flatness of
frequency response is absolute.
 Low noise: the excellent signal to noise ratio either in mono
or in stereo allows the use of this STLs in multi hops
networks without decreasing the audio quality.
 High sensitivity: it allows to reduce the STL's antennas
 Great RF immunity: allows to operate in most hostile RF
 High adjacent channel rejection: obtained thanks to the
excellent mechanical shielding and the precision of RF
 High frequency stability with the internal temperature
compensated crystal reference.
 Full metering: complete diagnostic and measurement front
panel displays are available.
 Battery operations. VDC option is available for battery or
solar panels operations.
 Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR requirements.Dokument(er)
KEKVser.pdf (334 kb)
10000 gr.


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