DB DRS/4B Synth. Receiver 300-512 MHz mono/mpx out
DB DRS/4B Synth. Receiver 300-512 MHz mono/mpx out
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DB DRS/4B Synth. Receiver 300-512 MHz mono/mpx out

Link modtager - mpx - mono out
Synthesized from 300-512 MHz.

High performances frequency agile radio link receiver in the 300-512 MHz range. Complete LCD diplay control system to set or monitor all the important parameters (received level, deviation, frequency, squelch threshold setting, audio levels, ect.). Very high sensitivity thanks to ultra low noise preamplifier and oscillators. Full remote control capability available as option.

The main characteristics of this unit are:
High sensitivity: using ultra low noise amplifiers, selective filters and with a powerful demodulation circuit the obtained receivers sensitivity is very high, so allowing longer link distances with reduced antenna investment.
Great RF immunity: allows to operate in most hostile RF environments.
High adjacent channel rejection: obtained thanks to the excellent mechanical shielding and the precision of RF filtering.
Low noise: the excellent signal to noise ratio either in mono or stereo assures the perfect use of this STL in multihops networks without decreasing the audio quality.
Full metering: complete diagnostic and measurement of all the main parameters is available using front panel LCD display. Full remote control is available as option.
DTS-DRS series.pdf (745 kb)
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