DB DPM 50 FM Transmitter stereo 50 watt
DB DPM 50 FM Transmitter stereo 50 watt
14.125,00 DKK (11.300,00 DKK)

DB DPM 50 FM Transmitter stereo 50 watt

Compact FM Transmitter - 1 unit - 19'' - 4 kg
AAD Technology: the construction is totally in aluminum. The air is ducted to reduce the electronic boards'contact. The electronic boards are tropicalized with a special resin to protect the circuits against salt air. All this prevents the corrosion produced by the air and increase the reliability.

The microprocessor is protected against short main interruption with external Watch Dog and dedicated Power Supply Supervisory.

Input sensitivity and output deviation are adjustable with high precision of 0,05dB trough display interface or remotely by WEB.

TCP/IP Remote control WEB Server SNMP (v2 and v3), with INFORMS, DHCP, FTP, TELNET. The IP and the other network parameters can be easily read and set on the front panel.

Firmware remotely upgradable by TCP/IP, an easy procedure is on the WEB interface without the needing to use proprietary tools; the received software is controlled with a check-sum; after new release has been installed it's possible to return to the previous firmware release installed; from WEB / SNMP it's possible to select which release (the new or the old one) will run on air.

Memory and recall of 10.000 working parameters pre-settings. The parameters of each station on the network can be memorized like: name, frequency, audio settings, alarms settings, etc.

Modulation monitor generate alarms or warnings with programmable level thresholds and time for any audio and auxiliary inputs.

Overal Electrical Efficiency 65% Typical 70%

STEREO GENERATOR: High performance built-in digital stereo generator with 65dB separation, 85dB signal/noise ratio ensures top audio quality.

AES/EBU digital interface.

Limiter keeps the maximum frequency deviation within international requirements to avoid over-modulation and adjacent channels invasion.

Uninterrupted service: intelligent protection circuit reduces proportionally the output power staying on-air in case of over-temperature or high VSWR. All this functions can be enabled or disabled by software.

N+1 facility control available to modify remotely the frequency and power output for redundant systems.

High Efficiency Switch-Mode Power Supply with Power Factor Control, meets all the international requirements for mains network disturbances.

Over-dimensioned cooling system keeps the heat sink to 15°C above ambient temperature to properly operate even in high ambient temperature sites with hard climate conditions.

Very small dimensions and low weight, reduce transport costs and simplifying the logistic.

Meets or exceeds all the international standards for safety and electrical specifications.
8000 gr.


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