BW Broadcast RDS2+ RDS Encoder
BW Broadcast RDS2+ RDS Encoder
BW Broadcast RDS2+ RDS Encoder
  • BW Broadcast RDS2+ RDS Encoder
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BW Broadcast RDS2+ RDS Encoder

RDS with Connection to automation systems, with scrolling text and much more.
The BW Broadcast RDS2 encoder has all the features you would ever need from an RDS encoder at a fantastic price. As well as the basic RDS features supported by the RDS1, the BW RDS2+ supports almost all RDS functions available today.

Delivering your RDS to your listeners is easy and highly informative with the RDS2+.

The RDS2+ also has a real-time clock and memory to support 8000 characters of text allowing a wealth of extra text transmission possibilities including scrolling text and scheduled/timed text lists.

Programming is simple with the supplied Windows program which can be used directly or remotely via satellite. After initial programming the RDS2 will operate without any PC connection required. The RDS2+ can also be setup to display track information from a radio automation system via an RS232 connection to a PC.

Further remote control or automation can be achieved by using a back panel IO port which allows contact closures to trigger traffic announcement flags. The RDS2+ is easy to connect to your broadcast chain having interfaces to connect in loop-through mode or operate independently. In either mode the RDS2+ can be setup to synchronise with your Stereo pilot signal. Compare features and price and you'll struggle to find a better value RDS encoder.

RS232 remote control
Automatically synchornise the track and artists names from automation software.
Huge memory storage
Space for more than 3200 PS strings means you can schedule custom RDS data for all of your shows.
Advanced RDS features
TP,TA,AF,CT,RT,EON and more mean this feature packed model will really impress your listeners.
Synchronisation with pilot signal
Allows for seamless stereo broadcasting with RDS data.
2 Year International Warranty
Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 2 year international warranty for your peace of mind.Dokument(er)
BW Broadcast RDS2+ Datasheet.pdf (909 kb)
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