BW Broadcast DSPXmini-ST FM Audio Processor
BW Broadcast DSPXmini-ST FM Audio Processor
BW Broadcast DSPXmini-ST FM Audio Processor
  • BW Broadcast DSPXmini-ST FM Audio Processor
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BW Broadcast DSPXmini-ST FM Audio Processor

Low Delay Monitoring/Headphone Processor Ultra-low 4ms delay
Modern digital FM audio processing has allowed stations to sound louder and cleaner than ever before, but with one big sacrifice - delay. Whilst listeners won't notice, a station's talent certainly does when trying to monitor on-air. No presenter or guest likes having to listen to a flat unprocessed feed, almost as much as they despise an echo. The answer - a low delay processor designed specifically for this purpose - the DSPXmini-ST.

Thanks to pre/de-emphasis and FM style clipping the stations talent gets the loud processed signal that they are used to but with an ultra-low delay of 4ms, meaning complaints of an echo in their headphones are a thing of the past.

Originally designed for the BBC, the DSPXmini-ST is now available for general sale and is in stock right now. Benefiting from BW Broadcasts vast experience in audio processing, the DSPXmini ST is not only the perfect solution for on air monitoring without the delay, it is also substantially more affordable than anything that has come before it.

Multi-band digital signal processing
Delivering a signature sound for your station, making you stand out on the dial - loud and clear.
Super low latency
Only 4ms latency allows DJ's or guests to have loud processed headphone feeds without the echo.
Unbelievable value
Incredible sound at a price you will not believe.
Ethernet and RS232 connectivity for ultimate control
Tweak your processing in any location - for example whilst listening with a car radio over Wi-Fi!
2 Year International Warranty
Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 2 year international warranty for your peace of mind.Dokument(er)
BW Broadcast DSPXmini-ST Datasheet.pdf (1,4 mb)
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