BW Broadcast DSPXmini-HD HD Audio Processor
BW Broadcast DSPXmini-HD HD Audio Processor
BW Broadcast DSPXmini-HD HD Audio Processor
  • BW Broadcast DSPXmini-HD HD Audio Processor
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BW Broadcast DSPXmini-HD HD Audio Processor

Low cost high performance HD audio processor with 4 band AGC, 4 band limiter and look-ahead limiter.
For stations on a tight budget, no digital radio processor is better value than the BW Broadcast DSPXmini-HD. Designed specifically to process HD Radio main and multicast channels, DAB, DRM and Internet streaming, the BW DSPXmini-HD features BW Broadcast's proprietary bit-rate optimized, look-ahead final limiting to keep your station's sound consistent and artefact free.

The DSPXmini HD is used to process some of the worlds most popular webstreams as well as a number of the most downloaded podcasts available. This processor delivers substantial return on investment for any station or processing need.

The four-band gated AGC, four-band program-dependent limiter and parametric bass enhancement are built upon the processing core it shares with the other models in the range. The DSPXmini-HD gives you a competitive edge-and builds listenership and revenue-by enabling you to achieve the tailored sound and loudness needed to make your station distinctive.

BW Broadcast's proven presets, as well as intuitive local and remote interfaces help you get your DSPXmini-HD on air fast. Whether you are a processing novice or expert, you'll easily achieve a signature sound for your station's format. And as you have come to expect from BW Broadcast, the compact DSPXmini-HD is designed for unsurpassed reliability and trouble-free operation in the world's most challenging installations.

As with all BW Broadcast HD processors, the DSPXmini-HD has a real-time clock for preset scheduling, preset A/B switching, graphic LCD display, serial and TCP/IP remote control interfaces, and both analogue and AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs.

The BW Broadcast DSPX Series presents a carefully developed series of processors, with a version designed to exactly meet your needs and budget. For additional processing power, consider the BW Broadcast DSPX-HD or DSPXtra HD, or go to the top of the range with the DSPXtreme FM HD. Need to process for analogue FM or AM at the same time as a digital service? Why not consider the AM and FM versions of the DSPX, or the DSPXtra FM.

Custom processing at off-the-shelf prices, the DSPX Series offers exceptional value in listener-building audio processing power.

Multi-band digital signal processing
Delivering a signature sound for your station, making you stand out on the dial - loud and clear.
Adjustable BW Broadcast presets, plus 8 user presets
Proven presets make you jump out of the dial. You don't have to be a processing guru to sound great.
Real time clock for preset scheduling
Easily schedule preset changes to ensure all programs are processed exactly as you desire.
Ethernet and RS232 connectivity for ultimate control
Tweak your processing in any location - for example whilst listening with a car radio over Wi-Fi!
2 Year International Warranty
Outstanding reliability is backed up by our 2 year international warranty for your peace of mind.
BW Broadcast DSPXmini-HD Datasheet.pdf (672 kb)
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