Axel Streamer TX/RX IP Audio Codec Bal. Input
Axel Streamer TX/RX IP Audio Codec Bal. Input
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Axel Streamer TX/RX IP Audio Codec Bal. Input

Codec audio over IP - codec RX/TX with ballanced Input
Audio stream ENCODER box over IP. MP3/MP2 format. Distributes audio over existing standard TCP/IP network. Stream audio in LANs, WANs, Internet. Unicast or Multicast configuration. GPIO. Includes Power Supply.

STREAMER is designed for reliably encoding (MP3 only) reproducing and distributing MP2 and MP3 audio over Ethernet using IP protocols.

STREAMER is the professional solution for applications requiring audio to be sent costeffectively and easily over standard IP-Networks covering long distances and/or to multiple locations.

STREAMER supports compressed audio in MP2 (MPEG1Layer II) only for decoding and MP3 (Layer III) for encoding and decoding formats. It is ideal for audio transmission, live sound and streaming in standard IP/Ethernet networks.

STREAMER applications can be user defined to control all units linked to external equipment with the factory supplied OEM library (DLL). Fully programmable routing control permits sending audio to any single or multiple Streamer units.

- Format: (TX) MPEG1/2-Layer III (RX) MPEG1/2-Layer II and III for UDP (raw) audio streaming
- Bit rate encoding: VBR from 32 to 192 Kb/sec (MPEG1-L3), from 8 to 160 Kb/sec (MPEG2-L3)
- Sampling frequency: 16/22,05/ 24/32/44,1/48 Khz
- Bit rate decoding: from 32 to 384 Kb/sec (MPEG1-L2), from 32 to 320 Kb/sec (MPEG1-L3), from 8 to 160 Kb/sec (MPEG2-L2/3)
- Sampling frequency: 8/11,025/ 12/16/22, 05/24/32/44,1/48 Khz
- Mode: stereo, joint stereo, dual channel, single channel
- Audio Input: line stereo unbal. analog input (PinRca), line stereo balanced on terminal blocks (optional)
- Audio Out : line level on 3.5 mm jack connector, line stereo balanced on terminal blocks (optional)
- Frequency response: 20 - 20.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
- Signal to noise: ratio > 94 dB
- Crosstalk: <-80 dB,
- THD 0,003%

Network: Interface RJ45 female connector full duplex IEEE 802.3 10/100 Mb/s protocols UDP (raw) encoding/decoding, HTTP (TCP) only decoding
Remote Control: Via internet, local ethernet network by Software or API
Power requirement: 12/24V DC or AC 90 mA (6 mm coaxial connector) - Power Supply Unit included
Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 30 mm
Axel Technology
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