Axel Soundtrack Studio Radioautomatisering
Axel Soundtrack Studio Radioautomatisering
7.498,75 DKK (5.999,00 DKK)

Axel Soundtrack Studio Radioautomatisering

Budget system med play-out, log, reklamebooking, musikrotation, web streaming og meget mere
Sound Track Studio er en Low Entry radio automatisering fra Axel Technology. Til den lille station hvor en driftssikker afvikling 24/7 er i hovedsædet, med funktioner og muligheder som man kun finder i store systemer.

Kan lave en automatisk afvikling uden betjening eller fungere som live assist til en on air vært.

Med en log-generator med en nem musikrotation, reklamebooking, jingle rotering, og indsættelse af færdige programelementer.

Kan lave direkte internet streaming, levere data til hjemmesider og RDS og mange andre interaktive funktioner.

Kan leveres med 1 års tele assistance fra producenten samt 1 års fri opgraderinger for et tillæg på DKK 1.000,00.

Ved senere køb af fx Axels DJ Pro radioautomatisering kan lydfiler og data genbruges og der ydes rabat svarende til softwareprisen på Sound Track Studio.

If you run a radio station like Community Radio, Low Power FM/AM (LPFM/LPFM) or a Web Radio Station, and you want a broadcast quality, but you can't afford a high end play-out automation system, SoundTrack, developed by Axel Technology, is the most cost-effective professional broadcast solution.

Music & programs, advertisement, jingle and time signal management
Designed for FM stations, Community Radios, Web Radios, Syndications and P.A.
Playlist and Advertisement manage
Hotkeys for instant replay
Simultaneous playout and Web streaming
Smartphone App for audio recording and upload
Automatic musical selection based on user defined criteria
Playlist web viewer for speakers and guests
Album artwork, title, artist, etc, from Internet
Social Network and SMS viewer built in
Playlist info publishing for the Web
Multichannel configuration available.

SoundTrack is the radio automation software featuring on air and production facilities covering all the needs of the radio station.

Soundtrack combines easy of use, broadcast quality while still being cost-effective.
No need for specific training or skilled technicians, it provides complete functionalities and the reliability of its rock solid audio engine.

Soundtrack can operate in Stand-Alone configuration and networked multiple studios environment.

SoundTrack is ideal for:
 Small/Medium sized radio stations
 Community Radios
 Low Power FM/AM
 Web Radios
 Corporate Radios

SoundTrack playout works both in automatic 24/7 and manual mode (liveassist).
Thanks to its automatic intelligent playlist generation, SoundTrack always keeps
playing even if no playlist has been created at all, guaranteeing the continuity of
Live assist mode gives to the user the complete control of the playout,
providing all the tools necessary to achieve great performances during live or
recorded programs: hotkeys for instant replay, pre-listening and modification of
any item of the playlist, etc.

There are three simple ways to insert audio into SoundTrack:
recording by the audio card, importing from files (trough network,
internet, flash drive, etc.) and grabbing from CD.
Vice versa audio files can be exported from Soundtrack's archive to
other devices.
The digital player allows to set the default parameters for any single
audio file: duration, start, intro, stop, mix, fade, etc.
All the most popular audio editing software are supported (such
as Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, WaveLab, Audacity) and can be
launched directly from Soundtrack, with no need to switch between
applications and import/export the files.
That's extremely convenient to keep working with your favorite audio
editing software saving time and money.

Soundtrack features an easy and powerful playlist scheduler that
includes an automatic playlist generator.
Its algorithm selects the music and fills the playlist accordingly to user
defined criteria (category, event type, mood, etc.) to get the desired
artistic result for each day part.
The automatic playlist generation allows Soundtrack to keep playing
continuously 24/7 with no need of any intervention.
Of course you can always manually control and modify the playlist at
any time.

SoundTrack integrates a smart advertisement manager, which
automatically creates the advertisement schedule. It allows to define
default commercial clusters, contract scheduling periods, contract
priority and rotation, report of planned and aired advertisements for
final customer and company board.
ADV can be played out automatically and/or manually.
Soundtrack guarantees the broadcasting of commercials allowing
speakers to go on air sure not to skip any of them.
Soundtrack can also import commercial scheduling from RAMCOMM,
which is specially design for network, syndication and any
other application that need advanced commercial management.

Soundtrack can automatically switch from its own playlist to an
external source and viceversa to match the needs of groups of radio
stations that have to share live programs.
The external source can be a satellite feed, tuner and also audio
streaming, while start/stop remote commands are supported via TCP/
IP, serial and GPI.
Typical application is the insertion of local like advertisement and
newscast into shared program re-broadcasted by a group of radio
stations, to create Radio Syndication.
Moreover Community Radios running Soundtrack can easily share
and exchange (export/import) playlists, audios files and programs.

The modern audio engine supports the most common audio
broadcast formats (WAV, MPG, MP2, MP3) and its engine is open to
support new formats that will comes out in the next future.Dokument(er)
SOUNDTRACK-EN-LQ-21.pdf (537 kb)
AX-Soundtrack Studio
5000 gr.


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