Axel Phonex-D2 Telephone Hybrid 2 line Digital
Axel Phonex-D2 Telephone Hybrid 2 line Digital
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Axel Phonex-D2 Telephone Hybrid 2 line Digital

2 line studio digital telephone hybrid
PHONEX D2 are telephone hybrids designed for the broadcast market.

The internal frameworks based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor) hit in real time the highest audio performances, that sets PhoneX D1 and PhoneX D2 as state of the art technology in the telephone interface.
PHONEX series allows analog and digital balanced AES/EBU input and output over XLR connectors with "mic/line send" features switched via software.

PHONEX D2 equipment allows to manage one or two landlines, shared with GSM Quad Band modem optionally improved, to place phone calls where wired lines are not available.

Enhanced audio features exclusively designed for phone calls such as: AGC stage, Echo canceller, De-Noiser, 2Band Equalizer, Ducking and Hold caller/Attenuator.
MACROTEL-PHONEX-EN-LQ-20.pdf (446 kb)
Axel Technology
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