Axel Oxygen 5 Digital Broadcast Mixer
Axel Oxygen 5 Digital Broadcast Mixer
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Axel Oxygen 5 Digital Broadcast Mixer

Oxygen 5 Digital FR14, Digital professional Broadcast modular console frame 12 motorfaders, Master/Monitor, CRM (2 x stereo, 2 x headphone, 8 x GPIO), DSP, Core 3RU with 15 I/O card position
*Frame 14 slot for surface control, power supply included.

Oxygen 5 Digital is the ultimate solution for the broadcast studio's today and future demands.
Designed to become the "backbone" of your operation, this innovative mixing console is acomplete platform easily adaptable to forthcoming technical developments.
Its modular DSP based architecture can be expanded to suit the most demanding technical requirements, providing crystal clear sound processing and advanced routing and communication features.

Oxygen 5 Digital modular structure gives you the opportunity to start with a simple and dedicated solution, and as soon as your studio needs more flexibility and/or functionality, you can easily add new interfaces and manage them through the TCP/IP network. This will allow your digital console to "grow up" together with your company, and to meet the moredemanding applications of the future.

The Oxygen 5 Digital system is made up of several components, divided in two groups.

As Oxygen 5 DiGital is completely modular, you can operate every functionality through various control surfaces.
As technology moves forward, new control surfaces will be designed in the future to give you the most upto date mixing and monitoring facilities.
Any Control surface switch can do anything you want it to do, but. to not confuse you we have programmed a factory default assignment that represents the working
procedures of the average Radio Studio to start with.
Switches have long life dual color LED's. So every active function is clearly shown.
The basic desktop frames are built to use as a drop through frame in a furniture surface.
They can accept 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pcs of 4 faders sections, or 2,3,4,5 pcs of 4 fader sections and 1 CRM/STUDIO section plus master blind.
With two frames (script space in the middle) you can have a maximum of 48 faders with CRM/STUDIO section.
If more faders are needed larger frame sizes are available upon request to achieve the maximum of 128 by fader controllable stereo channels this design can handle.
An I/O rack is built using a 19" rack frame with a controller card (the engine), DSP card(s), I/O card(s) and power supply card(s).
An example of a starter system could be one I/O rack and one control surface. If you require more control over your I/O's you simply add a control surface component to your networked platform.
With the same ease you can add a new I/O rackto your networked platform to have a new mixing console for a different broadcast studio.

With the Axel Technology's Oxygen 5 Digital modular concept, each I/O card is shared in the network and can be controlled from the network.
The I/O cards, together with the rack, will behave as a large Matrix in the network. If one or more DSP cards are inserted, your matrix will have mixing capabilities.

Available I/O Cards are:
 Microphone inputs
 Line inputs
 Digital inputs/outputs
 Line outputs
 CRM/Phones outputs
 CobraNet in/outputs
 ADAT in/outputs
 more to come

The objective standard for connecting audio components
to I/O racks is the use of RJ45 connectors with STP
(Shielded Twisted Pair) cable.
Oxygen 5 Digital rack-mounted interface units features
balanced ¼" Jacks, XLR or D-type connectors on the
front panel, and shielded RJ45 connectors on the
back panel, which are used to connect to the I/O rack.

Like most users of e-mail and browsing the Internet, you likely didn't care about the
virtual world behind the screen.
As new innovations come along, making connections to new work surfaces,
processing or other equipment as easy as connecting a computer to your data-network
is vital.
Axel Technology R&D staff empowered a new communication protocol as
part of the engine in the Oxygen 5 Digital console, allowing use of the IT skills and
equipment standards already available in your company.This means you can make
and automatically explore, recognize the connected devices and their functionality
from remote, for improved system management.

History has proven that redundancy is a beneficial way to solve reliability problems by
duplicating critical parts like power supplies, but when building a system using many
different components from different manufacturers, redundancy becomes virtually
impossible and system reliability becomes very important.
The systems of today depend on the connections to other components as well as
the system components.
Running in the background of the Oxygen 5 Digital platform, the TCP/IP protocol is
implemented on standard Ethernet and is compatible with all safety/security
technologies available in the Worldwide accepted Ethernet network (e.g. spanning
tree protocol, trunking).

Oxygen 5 Digital allows the Broadcast facility personnel to plan and implement their
requirements from a large group of currently available components as well as future
developed components.
Although the Oxygen 5 Digital hardware and software network is easy to install and
understand, one of the Axel Technology's system engineers can log on to your network
and check your system from the Axel Technology main office by remote
connection if needed.
Axel Technology
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