Axel GPS Satelite Time Syncroniser
Axel GPS Satelite Time Syncroniser
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Axel GPS Satelite Time Syncroniser

Sat Time Synchronizer is the cost effective solution to automatically synchronize PC clocks with exact and absolute time broadcast by GPS satellites (GMT - Greenwich Mean Time). It works perfectly for "On Air" applications due to the low resources required and the time sharing feature among networked PCs.

Sat Time Synchronizer is very useful in all those applications where it is necessary to have the precise and reliable current time (i.e. Time Code generation, A/V recording monitoring and certification for law obligations and data logging, time signalling in TV and radio stations, etc).

Software and hardware installation is fast and easy, and there's no need of external power supply as Sat Time Synchronizer is powered directly by the PC power supply through a special
2000 gr.


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