Axel Boxtel MKII Compac Telefonhybrid
Axel Boxtel MKII Compac Telefonhybrid
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Axel Boxtel MKII Compac Telefonhybrid

Axel BOXTEL MKII is a professional studio telephone hybrids designed to meet the most demanding Radio and TV broadcasting requirements.

The small size, together with the easy installation and operation, and the voltage supply directly provided by the telephone line make BOXTEL MKII one of the most useful outdoor telephone connection tools ever.

Axel BOXTEL MKII can be easily connected with the most popular mixing consoles, and it is suited both for openair and studio applications, due to the additional remote control feature and the balanced connections with automatic line compensation.

Axel BOXTEL MKIIcomes in a rugged inox steel case to be the perfect companion for any live or studio broadcaster.

Features like meters, internal PSU, country setting, great S/N ratio and filters make of BOXTEL MKII the coolest telephone hybrid in its market segment.

- Pro & Cost effective
- Clear audio and natural sound
- Compact & heavy-duty
- Remote control from any mixing console
- Automatic line compensation
- Software remote control with USB port
- Send/Receive audio level adjustment
- Auto-answer/disconnect
- Balanced audio input & output
- Remote control interface

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