Audioscience ASI4346 Soundcard 4 out/3 in Stereo
Audioscience ASI4346 Soundcard 4 out/3 in Stereo
Audioscience ASI4346 Soundcard 4 out/3 in Stereo
  • Audioscience ASI4346 Soundcard 4 out/3 in Stereo
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Audioscience ASI4346 Soundcard 4 out/3 in Stereo

PCI, 3-in-1 record, 4 play/4 out, Analog, MPEG Layer 2/3/PCM
The ASI4346 features multi-stream MPEG audio record/playback, GPIO and an RS422 bitstream input, making it the most feature-complete broadcast audio adapter in existence.

The GPIO consists of eight relay outputs and sixteen opto-isolated inputs. These enable the control of station equipment and sensing of news feeds and other events. Through the use of the WaveX extensions to its Windows multimedia drivers, the GPIO may be accessed using standard Windows mixer calls.

The ASI4346 also plays quadruple MP3 streams without needing a software CODEC. All decoding is done on the on-board DSP.

A unique feature of the ASI4346 is the RS422 serial input. This supports the direct input of a satellite receiver MPEG bitstream which can be recorded as a standard .WAV or .BWF file for later playback.

The ASI4346 comes with the ASI1301 and ASI1302 cable/breakout assemblies to connect the GPIO outside of the PC.

Includes CBL1044, ASI1301 & ASI1302 Cables

4 stereo streams of playback simultaneously, mixed to 4 stereo physical outputs.
One stereo stream of record selectable from 3 stereo feedthrough inputs.
RS422 bitstream input for direct MPEG record from satellite receiver.
Eight relay isolated GPIO outputs.
Sixteen opto-isolated GPIO inputs.
Formats include MPEG Layer 2 and 16bit PCM.
Programmable global samplerate of 8 to 50kHz in 100Hz steps
Four balanced stereo analog play outputs. Three balanced stereo analog inputs.
Standard 50pin "Centronics" type connector for easy wiring.
20bit oversampling analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. >90dB S/N and <0.005% THD+N.
High speed 32bit PCI bus interface.
8MByte DRAM for on-board buffering.
Programmable non-volatile memory for OEM data storage.
Automatic volume fade implemented by DSP for cross-fade and mixing effects.
Upto four cards in one system.
MPEG bitstreams contain visualisation information and are BWF, Digigram and Antex compatible.
DOS, Windows 98,NT,2000,XP and Linux software drivers available.
Designed and manufactured in the USADokument(er)
asi4346 brochure.pdf (160 kb)
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