Arrakis ARC-8X On Air Broadcast Console
Arrakis ARC-8X On Air Broadcast Console
Arrakis ARC-8X On Air Broadcast Console
Arrakis ARC-8X On Air Broadcast Console
  • Arrakis ARC-8X On Air Broadcast Console
  • Arrakis ARC-8X On Air Broadcast Console
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Arrakis ARC-8X On Air Broadcast Console

8 Channel, 10 Inputs, Bal & Unbalanced w/ USB Sound
With a single stereo mixing bus, the Arrakis ARC-8 broadcast radio console is ideal for fast paced live on air, production, internet streaming, and remote applications.

The Arrakis ARC-8X has two mics supports a host and guest talk format. The mix minus bus (for an external hybrid) supports Telephone talk formats or call ins. The 'Talk' button on mic channel one feeds the mic to the caller and the caller to the console cue system, fast and easy!

The ARC-8 even has a built in PC USB sound card on channel 8B to play in digital directly from your favorite PC audio software. At the same time, the Program output from the console records in digital over the USB directly to your PC recording software.

The Arrakis ARC-8 broadcast mixing console is also easy to install with BOTH professional balanced and consumer unbalanced input & output jacks. The ARC-8 is ideal for any on air or production radio application.

8 Channels - 10 Inputs. Analog Console. Affordable & Powerful.

8 Channels - with 8 channels and 10 inputs, you can connect all the essentials. 7 Line In inputs allows you to connect to CD players, mp3 players and other analog sources.

Mic Channels - 2 mic channels with optional 48V phantom power.

LED VU Meters - with accurate VU ballistics, for the Program bus.

Built Tough - professional throughout. The 0.059" steel chassis is extremely

strong and well finished with two part epoxy paint.

No More RF - has balanced inputs & outputs for use in high RF environments.

1 Stereo output buses. Program with mono mixdown.

Active balanced - All outputs & inputs are active balanced.

Stereo or Mono - Both stereo & mono outputs for 1 output bus.

Listen - Monitor & 1/8" Headphone output.

4 types of Inputs. More options, more power.

(STANDARD WITH ALL MODELS, unless otherwise noted)

2 Mic Channel - Two mic channels are included on the ARC-8 to support a Host and Guest talk show in the main control room itself. The channel Two mic can also be remoted to a separate announce booth if desired.

Stereo Line level Channel - Channels 3-7 are stereo, line level input channels appropriate for source devices like CD players, MP3 players, network feeds, etc. Channel 3 has an A/B input select switch where either an unbalanced stereo input or a balanced stereo input may be selected. Channel 4-7 have both an unbalanced -10dBu consumer level input on RCA connectors and a balanced +4dBu level input on an RJ45 connector. A source can be connected to either set of input connectors (not both). The unbalanced inputs are ideal for studios where the sources are located locally in the studio itself. The balanced inputs should be selected if some of these sources (such as a satellite feed) are originated in other studios where the wiring could be long and introduce hum & noise.

PC-USB input Channel - The ARC-8 contains a built-in, Windows compatible, USB sound card on Channel 8B USB connection to a PC. Most Windows compatible audio software
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