APT WorldCast Astral (AST) IP audio codec
APT WorldCast Astral (AST) IP audio codec
APT WorldCast Astral (AST) IP audio codec
  • APT WorldCast Astral (AST) IP audio codec
20.625,00 DKK (16.500,00 DKK)

APT WorldCast Astral (AST) IP audio codec

IP audio codec (19'', 1U high) with blank front panel
IP audio codec (19", 1U high):
- Enhanced apt-X 16 and 24 Bit. MPEG1 L3, MPEG1L3 VBR, MPEG1 /2 L2, G711, G722, Linear PCM
- IP Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, RS232 auxillary data, Silence Detection,
- 8 Contact Closure & Alarm Ports, 8 Opto-coupled switch inputs
- NMS control, SNMP and SIP supported
- Analog & AES/EBU Input / Output on XLR connector, simultaneous Analog & Digital Outputs
Options (not included in this price): Dual PSU, MPEG 4 AAC HEv1/v2, MPEG 2/4 AAC LC, MPEG 4 AAC
ELD/LD, Partial Front Panel (Input and Output level meter LEDs, headphone monitor and input/output

The industry's most versatile and professional low cost IP
audio codec, the WorldCast Astral is a rock-solid IP STL
platform offering a full complement of professional audio delivery algorithms. Thanks to the unit's modular architecture, broadcasters can then bolt-on additional functionality to ensure that the unit meets their broadcast needs.

Options include additional algorithms for optimum compatibility and redundant Power Supplies.

Key Features
High quality audio transport over IP networks using RTP/UDP and SIP/SDP
Multiple Algorithms for maximum compatibility
Redundant Power Supplies for maximum reliability

Powerful Performance
APT IP Codecs AoIP Module Powerful Performance Fully duplex stereo audio codec
High quality audio transport over IP networks with support for Unicast & Multicast applications
ISDN interface with Mucas Bonding & L3 Telos Bonding, CCS, H221 & Hitachi ISDN Bonding X.21/V.35 interface

EBU N/ACIP Compliant with support for SIP/SDP protocols

Simultaneous Analog and Digital Outputs

Many professional algorithms supplied as standard with optional advance algorithm pack available.
Redundant Power Supplies*

Powerful Control
APT IP Codecs AoIP Module Powerful Control
Front panel operation with level meters and headphone socket*
Highly Intuitive Network Management Software (NMS)

Allows management of network conditions such as packet size, buffers and QoS levels for optimum audio performance

Embedded Auxiliary data for transmission of RBDS / RDS or PAD

Up to 8 Opto-coupled or Switch Inputs driving 8 Relay Outputs
Support for SNMP, Alarm & Event Logging
Adjustable Silence Detection with alarm output

Powerful Savings
APT IP Codecs AoIP Module Powerful Savings
Competitvely-priced professional audio codec
Flexible Platform can be deployed on many different networks
Support for cost-effective IP networking

*Cost Option - # Contact us for availability of these features .

Size 1U x 19" Rackmount
44mm x 480mm x 360mm
1.75" x 19" x 14.2"

3.5Kg / 7.7lbs

Power Supply
100-250VAC, 50-60Hz (optional 48VDC Supply)

Power Consumption <20W

Environmental 0°C to +55°C, 95% humidity
IP Ethernet 1 x RJ45, RTP/UDP, SIP/ SDP
Aux Data
9 pin D Type, RS232 level

Data Rates (embedded)
1200, 2400,4800, 9600 Baud

Data Rates (via IP)
1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 Baud

NMS Software & SNMP Optional front panel

Digital Audio I/O
AES/EBU, Balanced XLR-3, Impedance 110 Ω

Digital Ref Input

Analog Audio I/O Balanced XLR-3,
Input Impedance >10k / 600 Ω
Output Impedance <50 / 600
8 Alarms on 25 pin D Type, NO/NC contacts

Inputs 25 way D Type
8 Opto-coupled or Switch Inputs driving 8 Relay Outputs

Digital Operation 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
Digital Audio Bandwidth
10Hz through to 22.5kHz mono & stereo

ADC/DAC Sampling Rates

Analog Audio Bandwidth
10Hz through to 22.5kHz mono & stereo

Sample Rate Converter
8:1 (with bypass modes)

A/D Converter
24-bit/96kHz sigma-delta

Standard Coding
Linear PCM, Enhanced apt-X 16-Bit & 24-Bit, MPEG I Layer II, MPEG I Layer III, MPEG 2 Layer II, G.711, G.722

Algorithm Options
HE-AAC v1/v2

Compression Ratio
apt-X: 4:1
others: Variable

Coding Delay
Enhanced apt-X 1.9ms @48kHz Fs

Dynamic Range
16 Bit > 85dB, 24 Bit > 120dB

Phase Response Linear
0 to Fs/2
Pass Band Ripple < 0.2dB
worldcast equinox_bro_en_v1.pdf (978 kb)
8000 gr.


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