AEQ Opera On Air Mixing Console - FM Std.
AEQ Opera On Air Mixing Console - FM Std.
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AEQ Opera On Air Mixing Console - FM Std.

Modular analog on air console in standard conf.
In 1994 AEQ launched the extremely reliable, and very popular BC-500 audio mixing console for the broadcast market. Building on this highly successful product line, AEQ is now launching its replacement - the OPERA. While OPERA has the same basic features as the BC-500, it now provides the discerning professional audio engineer with up-to-date technology and great new features - delivering superb sound quality, reliable 24x7x365 operation, a perfect fit for medium to large radio station operations.

Just some of OPERA's great new features:

New aesthetically pleasing appearance
User friendly design and operation
Modularity for easy maintenance
Fully adjustable monitor bridge
Large, bright dual VU meters
High quality two-way stereo monitor speakers
Auto-ranging and efficient power supply
No-maintenance LED illuminated switches
RF filters on inputs
Balanced transformer on Mic - Line Inputs and Outputs
Fader Start and VCA signal control on faders
Standard chassis - accommodates 17 individual Input / Output channels
Two standard configurations to choose from - Studio or Auto control
Totally configurable per your requirements
Option of 1 or 2 digital telephone hybrids
Conference between telephone hybrids

Standard configuration consisting of the following modules:
2 Micro / Line Mono modules (OP-11).
5 Dual Line modules (OP-22).
1 Telco Input/Output, Built in Digital Hybrid module (OP-33 MPX).
1 Master Stereo Output module (OP-60).
1 Monitoring and Intercommunication for Auto-control and Studio-control. Includes Power Supply (OP-78).
1 frame with VU-meters and PFL Monitors (OP-01).
8 Blank Modules (OP-02).
Initial configuration has the capacity to incorporate 8 additional modules of the models OP-11, OP-22, OP-33 or
OP-33MPX (maximum 2 per console).Dokument(er)
OPERA-ENG_web.pdf (484 kb)
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