AEQ LIVE 20R Portable reporting unit receiver
AEQ LIVE 20R Portable reporting unit receiver
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AEQ LIVE 20R Portable reporting unit receiver

16 channel radio link receiver
AEQ LIVE 20. Send-receive high power Wireless Audio/Microphone

The star product of this new family is the TX/RX wireless high quality AEQ LIVE 20. The set is made up of 2 units the LIVE 20R (receiver) and the LIVE 20T (transmitter) a field unit.

The wide range of frequencies allows the unit to operate in VHF and UHF. There are 16 preset frequencies in switchable channels. It can be used as a wireless mic or as a full duplex radio link. The capability to use low and high power makes the AEQ LIVE 20 a versatile product.

This is a true diversity receiver designed for outdoor use, generally for
covering major events, and for on-the-scene reporting.
Its advanced design ensures high quality, both in audio and resistance
to interferences. Together with the AEQ LIVE 20 T, it provides the
reporter with a full duplex base station for working with the AEQ LIVE
20 TR portable unit.



Frecuency range 174-500 MHz*, window de 20 MHz depending on versions (A,B,C)
Sensitivity -112dBm / 12dB SINAD
Channels 16, PLL digital
Ch Selector 1 digit hexadecimal encoder
Demodulation +/- 30 KHz* de-emphasis 50us (other standards upon request)
Input impedance 50 Ω
Spurious emissions < -2nW
RF input connectors TNC (2)


Audio Output Líne/600 ohm/ balanced (rear). Headphones (front)
NR system "Silenzo" Expander
Monitor Control Front Panel
AF bandwidth 50 Hz/15 KHz* +/- 0,5 dB
Distorsion < 0,3%
Audio connector XLR3, M (rear) jack stereo 1/4" (front)
SNR > 100 dB


RSSI (90dB range)
1 digit hexadecimal encoder display
Diversity A/B

General and control

ON/OFF Switch
Channel encoder control
Monitor volume and Squelch
Aluminium enclosure
Power External 12V DC / 0,25 A
CPower connector XLR4 F
Dimensions 300x145x40 mm (1/3 rack)
Weight 0,9 kg
SubD connector for reprogramming

* Other upon request.
LIVE20-eng-LR.pdf (250 kb)
Prod. varenr.:
3000 gr.


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