AEQ LIVE 10T Reporter Link Transmitter 174-500 MHz
AEQ LIVE 10T Reporter Link Transmitter 174-500 MHz
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AEQ LIVE 10T Reporter Link Transmitter 174-500 MHz

16 channel radio link transmitter 3 Watt VHF/UHF
Transmitting reporting unit battery powered portable system for high quality audio transmissions. Its small size, light weight and long-lasting battery makes it specially apt for live outdoor reporting applications. It has 3 W powering with 16 switchable frequencies and shoulder strap. 1 XLR audio input. Includes CH42 charger, DR 202 Battery and antenna.

The AEQ LIVE 10 reporting unit is a batterypowered
portable system for high quality
audio transmission.
Its small size, light weight and long-lasting
battery make it especially apt for live reporting
applications outside the studio. This unit is
complemented by the AEQ LIVE 10R base
Knowing the equipment needs of on-thescene
reporters has helped us to design a
system composed of the AEQ LIVE 10T
transmitter and the AEQ LIVE 10R receiver
while complying with applicable standards in
each country.
The AEQ LIVE 10T is a 3W transmitter with 16
switchable frequencies and a shoulder strap
for convenient carrying. It has an XLR input
and is battery-fed. Its light weight and 3 Watts
of radiated power make it an excellent tool for
capturing the news on the street.
The AEQ LIVE 10R receiver also offers 16
switchable frequencies, operates on either AC
or DC current, and lets the reporter take it,
with full autonomy, to where the news is
Technically, its design gives it excellent
features in its radio section in terms of coverage,
stability, spectral purity and resistance to
The audio section stands out because of its
signal reproduction fidelity in frequency and

Frequency range:
174-500 MHz (for other ranges, consult with us)
20 MHz window
Power: 3W, 100% continuous cycle,
delay in power-up.
Number of channels: 16, digital PLL
Modulation: +/- 30 KHz, 50 us or 75 us pre-emphasis
Output impedance: 50 Ohm
Spurious signal emissions: < -65 dBc
RF output connector: BNC
Channel selector: Digital encoder
Audio input: XLR3 female.
Variable gain. Balanced.
Noise reduction system: "Silenzo" compressor-limiter
Gain control: Front panel
Audio bandwidth: 50 Hz / 15 KHz +/- 0.5 dB
Distortion: < 0.3%
SNR: > 85 dB
Battery low / OK indicator
Selected channel indicator
ON/OFF switch
Digital channel selector
Audio gain adjustment
Machined aluminum case
Dimensions: 255 x 145 x 40 mm
9.94" x 5.65" x 1.56"
Power supply: DR-202 Lithium ion battery
Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb (battery included)
D-SUB connector for channel programming with PCDokument(er)
LIVE10-eng-LR.pdf (162 kb)
Prod. varenr.:
5000 gr.


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