AEQ L300 Digital Solid State Audio Recorder
AEQ L300 Digital Solid State Audio Recorder
3.125,00 DKK (2.500,00 DKK)

AEQ L300 Digital Solid State Audio Recorder

Palm-sized professional IC recorder/audio workstation WAV, MP2 and MP3 recording
Digital Solid State Audio Recorder. Palm-sized professional IC recorder/audio workstation. Features WAV, MP2 and MP3 recording, built-in loudspeaker and microphone, dual colour display, USB port, AA batteries (not included).

The L300 has been built on the success of the AEQ DR100 (4 awards in 2005) and its immediate predecessor - PAW120 with the feedback from thousands of pleased users.

Like mobile telephones, the latest AEQ digital recorder fits on the palm of the hand and in your pockets!. The L300 is the ultimate portable recorder for journalists - carry your studio everywhere!

L300's main features:
Built-in speaker. Aluminum case. OLED dual-color display
Uses two AA dry cells or rechargeable batteries
Appears as USB removable external device compatible with both Windows and Mac OS
Record and edit linear PCM and MPEG compressed audio
Support of BWF file format,allowing for easy integration with radio automation systems.
Datastorage SD/SDHC
Built-in microphone, with connections for mono or stereo external microphone.
Mechanical switch to activate automatic gain control (AGC).
VOR: voice activated recording.
XLR Adaptor for external Mics
AEQL300.pdf (892 kb)
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