AEQ Forum Digital ON AIR Mixing Console Medium
AEQ Forum Digital ON AIR Mixing Console Medium
AEQ Forum Digital ON AIR Mixing Console Medium
  • AEQ Forum Digital ON AIR Mixing Console Medium
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AEQ Forum Digital ON AIR Mixing Console Medium

Modulopbygget digital mixer - mellemstor standard konfiguration - 8 fadere
Modulopbygget digital On Air Mixing Console.

Her i en mellemstor konfiguration med 8 faders:

1 FR01 Console Chassis for up to 12 Faders in groups of 4 faders per module. Capacity for up to 14 I/O modules.
Includes: power supply, CUE speaker, 8 x GPI, 8 x GPO, 4 x relay out, 2 x Ethernet Ports, 1 x Time Sync Port, 2 x
headphone jacks, 1 x talk-back mic jack, 2 x speaker output jacks, Configuration Software Application.
2 FRCH FADER MODULE, four 100mm faders for the console signal control. Includes 4 switches for mixer bus sends, Select and CUE switches, high resolution OLED displays and channel ON/OFF switches for each fader

1 FR20 BLANK FADER MODULE COVER Covers empty fader module locations

2 FR03 MIC/LINE INPUT MODULE 2 X mic or 2 X line inputs, with 48 V phantom power, electronically balanced.

2 FR04 ANALOG INPUT MODULE line level, 8 mono or 4 stereo, electronically balanced.

2 FR05 ANALOG OUTPUT MODULE line level, 8 mono or 4 stereo, electronically balanced.

1 FR02 DIGITAL INPUT/OUTPUT MODULE AES/EBU or S-PDIF, 4 stereo inputs, 4 stereo outputs

7 FR21 BLANK INPUT/OUT MODULE COVER Covers empty I/O module slots/locations

AEQ's FORUM is a self-contained digital audio mixing console specifically designed to meet the most rigorous demands of radio and television ON-AIR broadcasting. Its flexible design allows it to readily be adapted to any ON-AIR application. FORUM incorporates all of the features necessary for use in environments requiring: automatic monitor speaker cut-off, cough muting, fader start, control signaling, interface signaling for automation of external equipment, external communications management, intercom, etc.

Thanks to its well thought out, self-contained modular design and reduced footprint, FORUM adapts perfectly to any environment: auto-control, studio control, television production, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in large installations, etc.

Simplicity and control power are combined into the FORUM to satisfy ease of operation - from the most basic to the most advanced requirements. The control surface can be configured with a minimum of 4 faders, and easily expanded to 8 or even 12 channels.

Main Features

o Configurable monitoring for all system signals.
o 4 direct-routing buttons on each channel.
o Silent operation by convection cooling.
o Integrated talk-back microphone input, 2 precision stereo VU meters and pre-fader monitor speakers.
o Supports a maximum of 14 input/output modules: 4 can be dual MICRO / LINE modules, and 2 can be digital hybrids.
o Integrated MICRO/LINE input for talk-back and self-operation, studio and control room speaker and headphone outputs.
o Supports AES/EBU and S-PDIF digital formats.
o MADI bi-directional fiber-optic connection for 64 digital audio channels (optional).
o 8 GPI and 8 GPO (opto-isolated) and 4 GPO relay outputs.
o Available audio effects: 3 band equalizer, high pass and low pass filters, compressor/limiter, and noise gate.8 GPO (opto-isolated) and 4 GPO relay outputs.Dokument(er)
AEQ FORUM Users Manual.pdf (2,99 mb)
MPRO-AEQ-FORUM_ENG.pdf (1,46 mb)
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FORUM Medium
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