AEQ Arrow Mixer50T VHF UHF Radio Link 174-500 MHz
AEQ Arrow Mixer50T VHF UHF Radio Link 174-500 MHz
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AEQ Arrow Mixer50T VHF UHF Radio Link 174-500 MHz

It has 30W power and 16 VHF selectable working frequencies
ARROW, RPU for radio and TV reporters.

These RPU can link a reporter on the move with the receiver; the use of an audio mixers may or may not be necessary. The addition of RPU to our line of products enhances the already successful family of phone hybrids, and ISDN portable Codecs.

Your wireless transmission from the mobile unit will be as smooth as an arrow.

The AEQ ARROW 50 is a radio link system which operates at high power in VHF & UHF.

The receiver is the AEQ ARROW 50R. The transmitter can be the ARROW MIXER 50T with 3 Mic/Line built in mixer or the ARROW 50 T (no built in mixer).

It also has 16 switchable channels to store the working frequencies. All units use AC and DC current. The AEQ ARROW 50 is a radio link system which operates at 12 volts.

The AEQ ARROW MIXER 50T was designed especially for situations
where mobility, reliability and power are fundamental factors. It has the
same technical specifications as the AEQ ARROW 50T, to which it adds
portability: its low weight and small size make it easy to carry to the
location where you need to go to get the news as it happens.
AEQ ARROW MIXER 50T has 30W of power and 16 selectable working
frequencies, within the spectrum assigned according to each country's
It also offers three switchable mic-line inputs with a gain selector, which
lends it such versatility that it can be used in practically any situation.
This system is so compact that it can be carried in a standard briefcase,
which makes the reporter's deployment easier, offering access from the
news spot to the studio in minimal time. It gets its operating power
directly from the mains, or through a 12V DC outlet .
It enables you to use a PC to program working frequencies through a D-SUB connector.

Frequency range:
174-500 MHz, (for others, contact us)
20 MHz window
Nominal power:
10W and 30W over 50 Ohms
continuous cycle, delay in power-up.
Number of channels: 16, Digital PLL.
+/-30 KHz 50us or 75us pre-emphasis
Output impedance: 50 Ohms
Spurious signal emission: < -65 dBc
RF output connector: Type N
Audio inputs: 3 Selectable mic/line
Noise reduction system:
Silenzo compressor-limiter
Gain controls: 3 on the Front panel
Audio bandwidth:
50 Hz/15 KHz +/- 0.5 dB
Distortion: < 0.3%
Audio connectors:
3 XLR3, Female and ¼" Jack
SNR: >85 dB
Protection and Measures
SWR protection
Thermal protection
Lighted analog VU meter
Machined milled aluminum box
1 fan for forced convection
HI/LO indicator and switch
Alarm indicator: SWR
(LED and buzzer)
Alarm indicator:
Temperature (LED and buzzer)
Reset button
On / off switch
Digital channel selector
Power supply: 12V DC / 6A
Dimensions: 205 x 170 x 80 mm
8" x 6.70" x 3.15 "
Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.2 lb
12V DC connector: XLR4 Female
Accessories included
Power supply TR 70: 90 - 240 VAC 50/60 HzDokument(er)
ARROWMIXER-eng-LR.pdf (248 kb)
7000 gr.


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