AEQ AM-04 Monitorstation Analog + Digital
AEQ AM-04 Monitorstation Analog + Digital
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AEQ AM-04 Monitorstation Analog + Digital

4 analog mono inputs, 2 digital AES-EBU stereo inputs, 1 SDI video input, used to extract 4 analog mono inputs
The AM-03 is the perfect choice when monitoring analog
audio. It offers 6 electronically balanced stereo analog inputs,
1 headphone output (with speaker disconnect) and 1 analog
stereo output. The AM-03 V2 also has signal presence and
phase indicators.

AEQ's AM-03 and AM-04 audio confidence monitors are
intended for use in VTR rooms, OB Vans, Television and
Radio Control Rooms, and Media Systems - anywhere it's
necessary to monitor the presence and quality of high
density audio and video signals.
All user controls are conveniently located on the equipment's
front panel, allowing quick, easy, and error-free setup, control,
and operation. Controls consist of easy to use switches and
potentiometers which alleviates having to navigate through

Both the AM-03 and AM-04 are only one rack unit (1 RU),
and include magnetic isolation for use near CRTs and video
monitors. Despite their compact footprint, both units offer
excellent audio quality because of their multi-stage amplifiers
in each channel. The AM family of audio monitors also
include basic audio measurement indicators.
The AM-03 and AM-04 both have high quality stereo line
output and headphone jacks, giving the user quick access to
the audio being monitored.

 Switch and potentiometer controls.
 Stereo output monitoring with
parallel output.
 Headphone connector with
automatic speaker disconnect.
 Multi-stage audio amplifiers, and
2-way speakers.
 Built-in limiter for speaker
 Universal auto-ranging power
supply: 90 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
70 VA.
 Dimensions: 1 RU
482,6 mm x 44,5 mm;
19" x 13/4".

AM 04 characteristics:
 4 analog mono inputs, free grouped in stereo pairs for listening and routing to parallel
monitoring output. Electronically balanced with RF filter. Impedance > 25K Ohm.
Selectable level. XLR3 female connector.
 2 digital AES-EBU stereo inputs, free grouped in stereo pairs (selectable on front
panel) for listening and routing to parallel monitoring output. Transformer balanced.
Impedance: 110 Ohm. XLR3 female connector.
 1 SDI video input, used to extract 4 analog mono inputs, that can be free grouped in
stereo pairs (selectable on front panel) for listening and routing to parallel monitoring
output. Impedance: 75 Ohm. BNC connector.
 1 stereo analog monitor output for the selected input signal. 2 XLR male connectors.
Impedance: 50 Ohm balanced.
 8 - 600 Ohm stereo headphone jack. (female 1/4"), with automatic speaker
 Simultaneously extract analog and digital audio from SDI signal. 4 analog and 2 digital
AES-EBU pairs. DB-15 connector.
 Composite video from SDI signal input. BNC connector.
 Analog, digital AES-EBU, SDI group 1, SDI group 2, SDI group 3,
SDI group 4, audio input selector.
 4-position left speaker audio selector.
 4-position right speaker audio selector.
 L / R balance control.
 Volume control.
 Signal presence alarm activation and reset switch.
 SDI video selector: PAL or NTSC.
 2 sets of high resolution, 26 tri-colour led, stereo VU level meters with adjustable color
transition points, peak-hold, and phase indicators. Six standard scales and ballistics,
user assignable: AES, DIN, BBC, VU, VU Extended and Nordic.
 Alarm output for audio over/under level and sustained out-of-phase detectors, TTL
format, via DB-9 connector.
RS-232 Data Via DB-9 Connector. Functions:
 Alarm status information and control.
 VU meter color configuration.
 Remote switch - alternative to front panel controls.Dokument(er)
AM03-AM04-HR_ENG.pdf (3,05 mb)
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